Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-3 Synthesizer + Packs
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String Studio - String Modeling Synthesizer. The String Studio synthesizer swaps the traditional oscillator, filter, and envelope pattern for real-life string instrument components. At the core of String Studio lies a new cutting edge string model interacting with picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, dampers, and soundboards. Through this direct approach, String Studio delivers stunning guitars, basses, harps, clavinets, bowed instruments, percussions as well as rich and animated tones that blend the warmth, naturalness, and density of real-life with unique and innovative timbres from yet unheard instruments.

String Modeling Synthesizer. Consisting of picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, and dampers, String Studio VS-3 offers a unique blend of modern and creative synthesis.

Contains String Studio VS-3 and all corresponding Sound Packs in one, downloadable package. 

Includes the following Sound Packs:

  • Journeys
  • Entangled Species
  • Frontier
  • Harmonic Geometry
  • Aftermath
  • Masala
  • Stranger Strings
  • String Theory
  • Fear Within
  • Masala 2

One-of-a-Kind Oscillating String Synthesizer. String Studio VS-3 provides a truly distinctive sonic signature thanks to collection of unique string oscillators.

String Oscillators. Augmented with classic filters, envelope, LFO, soundboard, and studio-quality effects, String Studio VS-3 offers a terrific balance between innovation and familiarity.

Multi-Effects Galore. String Studio VS-3 has an abundance of effects in three independent racks. Reverb, delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, filters, equalizer, compressor, guitar amplifier, tremolo—all put the final polish on a sound.

Per-Sound MIDI Controlled Variations. String Studio VS-3 now boasts two performance modulators per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls. Each and every library sound features effect and morphing assignments that can be played in real time for enhanced expression and sonic dimension. 

Everything You Need From Start to Finish. With 800+ professionally crafted presets covering all the synthesizer sound categories, String Studio VS-3 has an enormous palette of unique sounds you can use to create an entire production.

800+ Professionally crafted presets. The 800+ sounds of String Studio VS-3 form a coherent whole with consistent gain-staging, unity-gain effects, better dynamics, and compelling per-sound MIDI controlled variations. We went to great lengths to create the perfect sound library for String Studio VS-3.

22 Top sound designers. We've assembled a team of 22 talented sound designers including: Ben Crosland, Benoit Charland, Carsten Schmid, Christian Halten, Christian Laffitte, Daniel Stawczyk, Deadbeat, Eric Thibeault, Erik Putrycz, Gautam, Glen Darcey, Harm Visser, JDG, Jean-Christophe Utz, Martin Walker, Paul Haslinger, Philippe Derogis, Richard Devine, Sean Divine, Simeon Amburgey, Thiago Pinheiro, and Vincent Gagnon. 

22 Synthesizer sound categories. String Studio VS-3 reveals its depth by covering 22 sound categories—basses, percussions, effects, impacts, noises, sweeps, clavinets, keys, organs, bells, mallets, guitars, plucks, strings, leads, pads, arpeggios, layers, rhythmics, sequences, splits, and textures.