Behringer 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH Eurorack Module
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Behringer 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH Eurorack Module 
Legendary Analog CV Multiplexer Module for Eurorack.

  • Authentic reproduction of the discrete circuitry from the "Modular 55" Series
  • Artist roster includes world's most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians
  • 2/3 CV signal in to 1-1 out, expands the 960 module into a 24 step sequencer
  • 3 channel V-trig in for selecting CV input channel
  • 3 separate buttons for manual channel selection
  • Separate V-trig outputs per channel
  • 3rd input channel enabled, if Sig In 3 used
  • Eurorack specs: 8 HP, 25 mA +12 V, 20 mA -12 V
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

Modular Synthesis. The first System 55, 35 and 15 synth modules came out in the early 70s and tended to be extremely expensive. They were mainly all discrete transistor designs as op-amps at the time were very high cost. The discrete circuitry gave the modules a very distinctive sound and were used by artists like Keith Emerson, Stevie Wonder, Tangerine Dream and so many more, giving us some of the greatest records we’ve ever heard. Modular synths were a landmark development in electronic music and today, it’s about to get better.

962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH. Enter the Behringer 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH Module. An authentic reproduction of the discrete circuitry from the “Modular 55” Series used by the world’s most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians for their shows. Now, musicians can build their very own, unique, synthesizer that can fit in a standard Eurorack case for a very affordable price. Mix and match specific modules to create your personal, unique synth to complement the music you play or go all out and fill a room, from floor to ceiling, with modules that’ll fulfill any synth geek’s wildest dream.

How it Works. The 962 is used as a latch, shifter and signal selector. Depending on the number of input jacks plugged into the module, the 962 can alternate between two or three signal inputs. It can also be used to expand the Behringer 960 SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER from an 8-step sequencer up to a 24-step sequencer.

Trigger Inputs and Outputs. The 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH features 3-channel V-Trig inputs for selecting CV input channels and separate V-Trig outputs per channel. Triggers from other modules can be connected via 3.5 mm cables and can be manually selected with the Trigger buttons.

Shifting Signals. Connect triggers in the Shift jack to activate the next stage in your sequence. You can create a 16 or 24-step sequence with the 962 by connecting it to the first stage output on a 960 SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER. This essentially expands the functionality of the 960 to create more complex and interesting sequences.

CV Inputs and Outputs. The SIG IN jacks are what allow the 962 to alternate between inputs. Connect an input signal to input 1 or 2 and the 962 will alternate between these two inputs. If all three inputs are used, then the module will automatically alternate between the three stages.

Eurorack Ready. Installing the 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH is simple as it was designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case. Just connect the power cables to the power supply and screw in the module using the included screws. This allows for the 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH to be mixed with other synth modules for a truly unique set up.

Complete Your Collection. Whether you’re just getting into modular synths or looking to complete your collection, the 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH module from Behringer is a great tool to have when creating amazing music. Get the 962 SEQUENTIAL SWITCH from your local Behringer dealer today!