Blue Bottle Rocket Condenser Microphone
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Blue Bottle Rocket Condenser Microphone


Clear, accurate and transparent sound with interchangeable capsules. The Bottle Rocket includes the B8 (Cardioid) Capsule. LET YOUR SOUND TAKE FLIGHT - Bottle Rocket Stage One breaks away from traditional microphones to propel your tone to new sonic heights. The hand-tuned B8 capsule provides flexibility for a variety of recording scenarios, while our acclaimed interchangeable Bottle Caps (sold separately) enable you to create virtually any mic imaginable and capture any sound source.

"I was a little shocked to find out how affordable these mics are." - Electronic Musician

“...nicely straddles the line of modern punch and vintage fullness....” - Recording Magazine

“Anyone who is serious about vocal quality needs to check out Bottle Rocket Stage One.” - DJ Rap

READY FOR LAUNCH - The Bottle Rocket Stage One microphone includes the legendary B8 Bottle Cap—its mission, total recording versatility. B8 delivers crystal-clear sound quality and superb detail, making it perfect for a wide variety of sound sources including lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, horns and strings. And when you want to change up the character of your Bottle Rocket, hot swap one of the interchangeable Bottle Caps to get virtually any sound.  9 INTERCHANGEABLE CAPSULES -  Expand your sound using the same interchangeable capsules designed for our acclaimed Bottle microphone. The Bottle Caps leverage the sounds of the past to define the future. Each provides a unique tonal range, character, diaphragm size, and polar pattern to match the sonic character of your voice or instrument and accentuate the vibe of the track. And with a quick-change bayonet connection, experimenting with new sounds is a snap! ALL THE RIGHT STUFF -  The Bottle Rocket Stage One microphone is precision designed and hand assembled in the USA for a lifetime of use. It features very low self-noise (<7.5dB) and an exceptionally high output level (+12dBV) that’s perfect for modern high sample rate/deep word length digital platforms. And the Class A discrete solid-state electronics generate the most accurate, noise-free signal available. We even include a custom spider mount to ensure superior performance, and rugged flight case for ultimate protection. For even more sonic inspiration, check out Bottle Rocket Mic Locker. You get Bottle Rocket Stage One and four iconic Bottle Caps to fuel your creativity. OUT OF THE BLUE, INTO THE BLACK… - Every mic we make is born of our heritage of premium studio-quality audio and dedication to inspiring design and performance. Bottle Rocket Stage One gives you the tonal versatility of our flagship Bottle microphone with the superior performance you’ve come to expect from Blue. And at an accessible price, it’s an easy way to bring our legacy to yours.

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES - Protective wooden Box, S3 Shock, Custom pop filter

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS - In studio for capturing virtually any sound source. Interchangeable capsules allow for limitless tonal variations and character.


  • B8 Bottle Cap for superbly detailed performance out of the box
  • Compatible with all interchangeable Bottle Caps
  • Low self-noise (<7.5dB)and high output level (+12dBV)
  • Class A Discrete solid-state electronics
  • Includes shockmount and wood storage box
  • Blue Heritage for superior performance


Transducer Type: Pressure Gradient or Pure Pressure (depending on capsule)
Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Figure of 8 (depending on capsule)
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 27 mV/Pa (+/- 10mV depending on capsule) at 1kHz (1Pa = 94dB SPL)
Output Impedance: 50Ω
Rate Load Impedance: Not less than 1 kΩ
Noise Level A-Weighted: Not more than 7.5dBV – 14dBV (IEC 651) (depending on capsule)
Maximum Output: +12dBV = 3.1 Vrms (2.5kΩ, 1% THD)
Maximum SPL: 138dB SPL (2.5kΩ, 0.5% THD)
Dynamic Range: 130 dB (@2.5kΩ)
Power Requirement:  +48V DC Phantom Power (IEC 268-15) (+35V min)
Current Draw: 1.8mA (typical AI+48V)