iZotope RX Loudness Control Automatic Loudness Compliance Tool
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Automatic Global Loudness Correction - Designed specifically for audio/video post production and broadcast workflows, RX Loudness Control uses industry-leading, intelligent audio signal processing to ensure your mixes are delivered within the appropriate loudness standards. RX Loudness Control is also included in the RX Post Production Suite 3!

“My job would be 1000 times more difficult without iZotope RX Loudness Control. Brilliant!”

— Aynee O Joujon-Roche (Supervising Sound Editor, Madam SecretaryHawaii Five-0Nashville)

RX Loudness Control uses intelligent processing to ensure your dialogue and post mixes meet the required delivery specifications every time. Produce more content than ever with RX Loudness Control’s fast, efficient workflow. Analyze and render your mixes into compliance with any standard in just two clicks!

INTUITIVE WORKFLOW - All it takes is two clicks to render your audio into compliance and ready for delivery! An easy-to-use interface (complete with a loudness history graph) guides you seamlessly through the workflow, displaying relevant and useful loudness metering to help you stay on target.   IRC II LIMITING - Conventional limiters can add unwanted color or distortion to your sound. Using award winning IRC technology found in our premiere mastering plug-in Ozone, RX Loudness Control provides incredibly transparent limiting that sonically outperforms the competition.  

Loudness Control Overview

Peak Level vs. Loudness - Peak level represents the maximum output voltage of a system. These are momentary, quantitative measurements that monitor a given instant. Loudness Units (LU), on the other hand, measure average loudness over a period of time. When we compare loudness relative to peak level, we use Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale (LKFS). These are distinct from decibels (dB), which are the measurement unit for Level.
Loudness Subjectivity - Two programs with identical peak levels could still be perceived as having different loudness levels. This is because we perceive sounds to be louder or softer relative to each other and their context. For this reason, integrated loudness measurement uses carefully designed algorithms to attempt to quantify our perception of loudness. The goal is to measure “loudness” using a new kind of meter and represent it absolutely. Holistic Processing - Because we perceive loudness relative to context, loudness standards must consider sound levels across an entire program. RX Loudness Control makes calculated adjustments to the level based on the entire length of the program segments. This ensures that you deliver consistently accurate, broadcast-compliant audio with the most transparent signal processing possible.
Benefits of Loudness Compliance - By respecting loudness standards, you preserve sound quality and dynamic range without distracting variations in perceived loudness between program segments. In other words, you give the listener a more consistent and pleasant listening experience—all while saving yourself time and money!

Built for professional workflows - RX Loudness Control works as an offline AudioSuite plug-in within Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools 10–12. Additionally, RX Loudness Control offers seamless integration into Adobe Premiere Pro as an audio extension.

“RX Loudness Control works wonderfully in Pro Tools. It saved me a ton of time when versioning for other countries, everything sounded just as I needed it to. I can't recommend it more highly.”

— Steve Giammaria (Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer, When I Live My Life Over Again, Staten Island Summer, Brother Nature)

Technical Specs

Operating system requirements

  • Windows: 7, 8 and 10
  • Mac: OS X 10.7-10.13

NOTE: We are currently in the process of qualifying our most current products for Mojave 10.14 support. At this time, we recommend that our community wait to update to ensure the smoothest possible experience with our products. More information on Mojave support will be available very soon.

Supported plug-in hosts

  • Media Composer 7.0.4 and 8.3.1, Premiere Pro CC*, Pro Tools 10-12.  
  • *Although we support CC 2015, you will have to manually move the presets from the old location to the new location in order to load them. Additional host support is under development. 

Supported plug-in formats

  • Adobe Extension for Media Encoder CC, Adobe Extension for Premiere Pro CC, and AudioSuite DPM & AAX.