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iZotope VocalSynth 2 (Educational) || A Discounted Version for Student-Teachers Enrolled in Academic Institutions. Enrollment Subject to Verification Upon Registration of Product with Manufacturer. Your Software Registration Code and Instructions Will Be Sent to You, Along With an URL Connecting You Directly to The Manufacturer, Who Will Provide You With Your Software. Please Be Aware That Software Is Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable. If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vocals, Evolved - VocalSynth 2 is an immersive vocal experience that adapts and evolves with your unique style and opens up a world of vocal possibilities. VocalSynth 2 is also included in iZotope Creative Suite!

The evolution of vocals  - Elevate your vocal productions with iZotope's most unique plug-in experience for vocals. Quickly get old-school sounds you need, or create a new school of vocal sounds. Get lost in layers, textures, effects, blending, and morphing in an experimental vocal playground, and finally find that secret something that makes your vocals stand out. Choose and meld five unique vocal tools, or pick from hundreds of presets for quick impact.

Amazing sounds right out of the box. VocalSynth has been reimagined to get you a better sound, faster than ever. With improvements across nearly every aspect of the plug-in, you'll have no trouble finding your unique sound, no matter your chosen genre!

5 Blendable, Creative Vocal Modules 

BIOVOX - Using scientific modeling of a human vocal tract, adjust human vocal characteristics like nasality, vowel shapes, and formants for a smooth, textural vocal treatment to any audio signal.

Create and manipulate your biological imprint with a brand new vocal effect. Using scientific modeling of a human vocal tract, adjust human vocal characteristics like nasality, vowel shapes, and formants for a smooth, textural vocal treatment to any audio signal. Use surgically to adapt takes to better fit your production or apply as a creative effect to make a vocal more present, breathy, or totally mangle it!

  • Use the Vowel control to impart a vowel characteristic onto your audio. Use it to perfect your vocal performance and add excitement, fit backing vocals into the mix, and add natural-sounding vocal intensity to any sound imaginable!
  • Change your performance with the Breath and Nasal controls: mix in breathy, whisper-like character to your audio, or crank up the nasality of your voice.
  • Pan, filter, and further shape the processed signal with advanced synth and mix controls, including dozens of presets and oscillator combinations.  

VOCODER - A long-loved and indispensable vocal tool, the Vocoder gives you the flavorful vocal sounds you know and love with the flexibility to create something new.

The classic “talking synth,” the Vocoder gives you the vocal sounds you know and love from famous recordings such as Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T,” with the flexibility to create something new. Choose from 10 distinct presets and three distinct vocoder types, and fine tune with the Shift and Scale controls. You’ve never seen a Vocoder with this much flexibility!

  • Explore new worlds of robotic vocal sounds with this powerful vocoder: easy to setup and packed with great presets, it’s easy to get up and running with a meaty sound!
  • Smooth, Vintage, and Hard modes let you quickly choose between a range of classic hardware and modern digital vocoder sounds
  • Control intelligibility with the Scale knob, and frequency shift with the Shift knob. Further control the character of your selected mode, brighten or darken the frequency spectrum, and add articulation and presence with these three simple controls.

COMPUVOX - Compuvox gives you a range of glitchy, computerized sounds to play with, perfect for space age hooks or crushed digitized vocals.

Commonly known as the effect behind the Speak & Spell, Compuvox can digitize, crush, resample, or otherwise computerize the sound of your voice. Used gently, this can add an interesting inharmonic quality to the sound. Pushed farther, this control can reduce your audio to almost unrecognizable levels of digital chaos.

  • Computer voice effect modeled after the handheld talking and teaching toys of the 1980s.
  • Three different flavors of processing that react to your audio in unique ways: With Spell, Read, and Math modes, find the right tone that perfectly complements your voice!
  • Use the Bits, Bytes, and Bats controls to add digital aliasing noise to crush your vocal, artificially prolong your vowel sounds, or add a gravel-like quality for a guttural vocal sound!

TALKBOX - Say hello to VocalSynth's funkiest module: Get that chunky, unmistakable sound of a talkbox without the learning curve or hardware setup.   

Unlock the door to VocalSynth’s funkiest sounds with the Talkbox module, made famous by musicians such as Stevie Wonder, The Who, Peter Frampton, Bon Jovi, Chromeo, Zapp and Roger (and many more). Talkboxes can be prohibitively difficult instruments to master, but with VocalSynth you can get that thick, classic tone with the push of a button!

  • All the funk without the steep learning curve, messy PVC tubes and rattling teeth! Emulate an old school Talkbox to make a synthesizer or any side-chained instrument “talk” like you.
  • Alter the frequency response of the Talkbox effect with three modes: Dark, Classic, and Bright. Choose from a darker sound, a high articulated sound, or a balanced sound reminiscent of a classic talkbox.
  • Use our accurately modeled cabinet emulation for control over the physical characteristics of the talkbox speaker. Increase input gain for added articulation and excitement with the Drive knob, or adjust amount of speaker character with the Speaker knob.

POLYVOX - Create beautiful, rich harmonies or add subtle character to vocal tracks with Polyvox. Instantly add body to your vocal with realistic doubles.

Polyvox is VocalSynth’s polyphonic pitch shifter.  Whether you’re looking to create natural vocal harmonies reminiscent of a human choir, or the hard-synced, grainy, and computerized harmonies popularized by artists such as Imogen Heap, or even formant-shifted otherworldly sounds, the Polyvox voice generator is for you!

  • Create organic harmonies built from your voice with this polyphonic pitch shifter.
  • Give vocals more “oomph” by building a group of backup singers that sound as natural or as computerized as you want.
  • Add a whole heap of pitch-shifted superhero sounds to your voice.

7 Stompbox-Style Effects
Further enhance your production with a custom drag-and-drop vocal effects chain.  
VocalSynth 2's effects section now lets you change the order of the modules!  

DISTORT - Great for adding subtle overdrive, gnarly grit, or high-gain distortion! A wave-shaping distortion with custom tones imbues your vocal tracks with an essential grit, attitude, and perceptual power. The distortion module is great for either subtle overdrive or gnarly, harsh, high-gain distortion. It’s loud, it’s noisy, it’s great.

  • Choose from multiple waveshapes, from warm and subtle to all-out fuzz distortion.
  • Customize drive amount with Drive control, and and use post filtering to change the spectrum.
  • Achieve quick and easy parallel processing with the Dry/Wet control.

FILTER - Use high and low-pass filtering in a variety of models, from smooth to aggressive. Filtering is a simple but effective way of adding character to your vocal. VocalSynth’s Filter includes our New York Low-Pass for a warm and buttery 1960s-style 4-pole ladder effect, Scream for resonant filtering and aggressive peaks and overdrive, or the Combo filter that combines both flat High-Pass and Low-Pass filters in a single sweepable control.

  • Choose from three distinct filter types, each with their own unique characteristics
  • Combine filtered with unprocessed audio using the dry/wet control
  • Crank the “Res” knob for even more extreme vocal sounds! 

TRANSFORM - Dial in amp convolutions and speaker models to add unique texture to your vocal. The hand-picked convolution speaker models bring out the full character of VocalSynth. Dial in amp convolutions and speaker emulations to enhance space and realism or find common special effects like telephone or radio voice. Choose the right space for your vocal.

  • Select from 8 different convolution models: “Reamp” your vocal sound with Oxford, Sterling or Cambridge modes. Give your vocals some classic broadcast tone with Radio or Bass.  Or, explore the mysteries of the forbidden Creep mode!
  • Control your image in mono, stereo, or 2x super-wide stereo for an amp-stacked, stadium ready sound.
  • Easily apply convolution in parallel with the dry/wet Mix slider.

SHRED (Improved!) - An evolution of our beat-repeating tech; turn it up for all the glitchy, funky sounds you can handle. The Shred module captures chunks of your audio and and repeats them in interesting ways that add rhythmic range to your vocal-processing arsenal. Shred is now improved in VocalSynth 2 to include all new processing, automatic tempo syncing, and a three step sequencer. Using the step sequencer, you can create incredibly complex stutters to add excitement to your builds, and impart crazy time-based special effects.

  • Shred’s step sequencer uses one of 8 different Euclidean rhythmic sequences to switch between different steps. Each step can be programmed with a different repeat rate, allowing for nearly infinite combinations of shred patterns.
  • Control how often Shred captures audio with the Length knob.  Set to slower, even time signatures for gradual repetitions, or make things more erratic with uneven meters and super fast buffer sizes.

DELAY - A wide stereo delay with filtering to bring a dynamic element to your signal. VocalSynth’s Delay is a wide stereo delay with just a bit of filtering for flavor. The Delay creates exciting spatial effects with panning movement, great for adding interest to an otherwise steady vocal track. 

  • Sync delay to your host tempo or dial in a custom rate with the Time control
  • Add width to your vocal track with the Width knob
  • Find the perfect blend with the dry/wet controls and the Feedback knob

RING MOD (New!) - Add subtle (or extreme) strangeness with Ring Mod, VocalSynth 2's otherworldly new effect. Ring modulation is an effect that multiplies the frequency content of two input waveforms and outputs a new waveform that includes frequency content from both inputs. It imparts a unique, detuned tone to your audio, which can be heard on famous movies and shows such as Doctor Who and Forbidden Planet, and rock albums such as Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Ideal for both sound design and music production, add unique tremolo, extra grit, texture, and creepiness to your audio with VocalSynth 2’s Ring Mod!

  • Manually adjust LFO and Depth controls, or sync Ring Mod to your host tempo for automatic modulation.  The higher the Depth, the more drastically the signal is modulated!
  • Add subtle texture to your vocal by blending in Ring Mod with the wet/dry Mix knob.
  • Adjust the timing of the frequency modulation with the Freq knob.  Crank it up for extra weirdness!

CHORUS (New!) - VocalSynth 2 introduces a new Chorus module to add movement and character to your vocal. New to VocalSynth 2, chorus is a standby effect for vocalists everywhere.  On lighter settings, you can add depth and movement to your sound. Push it to more extreme settings for messier, warbling vibrato tones.  With easy-to-use controls that can add compelling character to your vocal with little to no effort, you may find yourself using it with every VocalSynth track in your mix.

  • Depth and Rate controls, tuned for vocals, let you gently treat your voice or take it completely underwater.
  • Crank the Width knob to expand your chorus effect into wide stereo, or turn it down to keep the effect centered.
  • Blend in your Chorus effect with the dry/wet Mix knob for easy parallel processing, and re-order your module chain to your heart’s content!

Interactive visualization - Meet the Anemone, VocalSynth 2’s colorful animation that moves and grows with the shape of your audio signal. Driven by an advanced spectral analysis that reacts to the sonic characteristic of vowels, the Anemone blends fun interaction with a unique metering experience. 

Inter-plugin Communication - VocalSynth 2 works within the ecosystem of iZotope products through inter-plugin communication. Like Neutron, Ozone, and Tonal Balance Control, VocalSynth 2 allows seamless integration with essential tools for music production and analysis. VocalSynth 2 can be seen within Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer and Masking Meter and also within Tonal Balance Control, allowing you to interact and get visual feedback in real time.

3 Ways to Play
Three different modes allow you to interact with VocalSynth 2 in a way that suits your style.  
Helpful in-app setup instructions tailored to your DAW get you up and running with ease,
so you can spend more time making creative decisions.

Auto - Lock your vocals into key with real-time pitch correction, generate additional voices and harmonies, and seamlessly blend your module settings with VocalSynth’s intuitive mix panel
MIDI - Use MIDI signal to control your pitch and effortlessly create custom vocal harmonies as you play. This replicates the experience of playing a classic vocoder or talkbox!
Side chain - Rather than using the synthesizer within VocalSynth, pipe in your own audio to use as your “carrier” signal.  This lets you make any audio “talk” or create new outlandish sounds that would be impossible otherwise.

System Specs

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac: OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) Pro Tools 10 only, 10.9.5 (Mavericks) - macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • Windows: Windows 7 - Windows 10

Graphics Card Requirements - A graphics card with Open GL 2.0 support is required to display the visualizations in VocalSynth 2.


  • AudioUnit
  • AAX (64-bit), AAX-AS (64-bit AudioSuite)
  • RTAS (32-bit), DPM (32-bit AudioSuite)
  • VST 2
  • VST 3

Supported Plug-in Host Applications: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9-10, Pro Tools 10-2018, Cubase 9.5, FL Studio 12, Studio One 3-4, Reason 10, Reaper 5, Bitwig Studio 2