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Chinee Orchestra FE, the first and only complete solution for getting a Chinese orchestra arrangement done. Powered by the brand-new QIN RV engine, Chinee Orchestra sporting a dynamic range of inspiring sound palette, adding brilliance into all sorts of music creations: be it soundtracks, film/TV/game scores, pop music, commercials or the live gigs. It is designed to meet the needs of Chinese professional composers, and it is evidenced by its wide use n all walks of the current Chinese professional productions. Chinee Orchestra FE contains 22 (31*) authentic instruments including everything in the acclaimed Chinee Series product line, and everything has been refined and polished to work as a whole.

  • Flexible design: You can make the instrument your own.
  • Extendable features by using and combining the Extenders.
  • A different paradigm to accessing and weaving the samples.
  • Tailored to maximize the potential of KONG AUDIO’s sound content.
  • NEW IN QIN RV 2.0: Multitimbral, multiout, overall optimization.
  • Special Legato design to make instruments alive.
  • Made by the Chinese professionals for the Chinese professionals.

What is QIN? QIN (prounced as “ching”) engine is the Windows native sample playback plugin developed by KONG AUDIO. All KONG AUDIO instruments are based on QIN Engine. QIN is specifically designed to maximize the playability of sampled instruments, and QIN is more versatile, more efficient, more stable, and more useful than what was previously used for the development of KONG AUDIO products. KONG AUDIO keeps on improving QIN, from the initial v1.0 release to the current v2.0x. More features and Extenders have been added and will be added.

Chinee Orchestra FE Contains 31(22*) Individual Instruments:
  • ChineeWinds, ChineeKong V3
  • ChineeErhu and ChineeErhu II
  • ChineeNanxiao, ChineeGuzheng II
  • ChineePipa, Matouqin, ChineeSuona
  • ChineeGuanzi, ChineeSheng
  • ChineeYangqin, ChineeHulusi
  • ChineeGuQin, ChineeLiuQin
  • ChineeSanXian. ChineeRuan
  • ChineeJinHu, ChineeZhongHu
  • ChineeGaoHu, ChineeBanHu
  • ChineeXun, ChineeBaWu
EXTENDERS || There are 20 Extenders which can be loaded into QIN for further processing, manipulating, arranging the sample subsets, thus increasing the playability and expressiveness of the instruments.
  • Round-Robin
  • Speed Detection
  • Erratic Range Control
  • Micro-Tuning 
  • Windows (32/64 bit)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 6GB disk space
  • 32/64 bit VST host sequencers compatible