Mackie Freeplay Stereo PA Solution (Battery-Powered)
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The Mackie FreePlayí__
is the ultimate all-in-one stereo
PA solution. With a portable, battery-powerable design,
FreePlay delivers powerful, full-range sound anytime, anywhere.

FreePlay features Bluetoothí_Œï
technology for music streaming from any mobile device that can be mixed
with vocal mics, guitars and more.

Plus, with the Mackie FreePlay Connectí__ app, you get
mobile freedom to control everything from levels and EQ
to sound-enhancing tools like a feedback destroyer for amazing sound in any situation.

From the stage to the boardroom to the backyard, FreePlay delivers powerful, rich sound that inspires.
Be you and be heard with the Mackie FreePlay.

The Ultimate All-In-One Personal PA
• Full-range stereo system with high-output 8" woofer
for unmatched bass response
• Built-in 4-channel digital mixer perfect for
connecting vocal mics, guitars and more
• Stream your music from any smartphone, tablet
or other Bluetoothí_Œï enabled device
• Flexible choice of AC or battery power, perfect
for mobile applications
o Optional Lithium-ion battery pack delivers
up to 10 hours of continuous performance
o Can also be powered with standard batteries
(8 x D cell)
• Easy-to-use, built-in controls plus option for
complete wireless operation
Pocketable Control On The Go
• FreePlay Connect™ app available for iPhone® and iPod® touch 2
• Delivers total mobile control over your mix, from
input levels and EQ to built-in vocal and instrument
• Attach your phone to a mic stand for easy mixing
while performing or discretely control levels from
a podium

Built For Professional Performance
• Built-in feedback destroyer for fearless performance
with no unexpected, distracting noise
• 16 great-sounding digital effects like vocal reverbs
and delays
• Complete control over channel levels, including per
channel EQ and effects levels
• Choice of speaker modes ensures amazing sound
for any application with the touch of a button

Available Accessories
• Tilt your FreePlay back or mount it on a standard
speaker pole with the Kickstand / Pole Mount
• Always have the power you need with the FreePlay
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
• Durable FreePlay Carry Bag with pockets for storing
mics, cables and mor