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Magix Xara Photo & Graphic Designer || Your Software Digital Registration Code and Instructions Will Be Sent to You, Along With an URL Connecting You Directly to The Manufacturer, Who Will Provide You With Your Software Digitally. Please Be Aware That Software Is Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable. If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to contact us. Guildwater Gear is an Authorized Magix Dealer through the Xchange Market. Please Visit the Xchange Market to Find Us Among Their List of Authorized Resellers.

MAKE YOUR PHOTOS POP IMAGE EDITING, GRAPHIC DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION. Enjoy detailed photo editing, creative drawing and professional design from photo collages and print documents to digital artwork – realize each and every one of your creative ideas with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer! Create impressive designs in no time.


  • Graphic design: for professional layouts
  • Image editing: Quick and creative
  • Illustrations: Create logos, symbols & sketches
  • 1-Year Free Online Content Catalog: Templates, SmartShapes, photo filters and lots more. 

IMAGE EDITING. Easy adjustments to brightness, contrast, color and saturation, detailed photo retouching and image corrections – Xara Photo & Graphic Designer provides everything you need to optimize your images.

  • Background removal. Easily remove objects from their backgrounds: Simply mask the object, roughly erase the background and remove it with a click.
  • Cut items. Easily remove unwanted objects: Select an outline using the mouse and the magnetic lasso will automatically create a path.
  • Magic Erase. Whether it's someone walking into the shot, distracting street signs or moving cars, Magic Erase removes unwanted objects from your photos in no time.
  • Photo Heal Tool. Retouch spots or wrinkles from your photos: With the Photo Heal tool, you can make them disappear with one click.

GRAPHICS & ILLUSTRATION. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer combines image editing with graphic design and illustration. Combine photos, illustrations and text into a project to create a custom design or produce impressive graphics using vectors.

  • Shape Tool. Change the outline and color of any original shape – without loss of quality. That's all there is to creating new shapes for your designs.
  • Large selection of art brushes. Design your own photo-realistic brush patterns using scans, photos and vectors. This allows you to easily create deceptively realistic drawings and effects. We suggest using a photo as a template and transforming it into a painting.
  • Tons of effects. Breathe life into your illustrations with effects such as transparency, shadows and gradients. You can also use the Mold tool to change the perspective of objects.
  • 3D design. Add spaciousness to your designs using the 3D tool. You can even set perspective, depth and shadow. Absolute highlight: Create your own apartment plans for interior designs.