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Dusty Racks 2 is the follow up to the successful Dusty Racks 1, an IR library of classic studio reverbs from the '80s and '90s. A collection of 350 IRs from six different units, Dusty Racks 2 is the revival of these classic units for use in your DAW or as Standalone.

Dusty Racks 2 — REmatrix Library. 350 Impulse Responses (IRs) from six overlooked reverb units. There were a huge number of reverb processors created in the '80s and '90s. Sadly, most of these units are now almost forgotten even though their sounds are uniquely undeniable. For this reason they are still extremely valuable tools for achieving creative sounds in today's music scene. 

Dusty Racks Vol. 2 was created by capturing IRs from six incredibly unique units:

  • Yamaha REV500* (92 IRs)
  • Alesis Midiverb* II (43 IRs)
  • Lexicon 300* (129 IRs)
  • Pioneer SR-101* (9 IRs)
  • Roland DEP-3* (39 IRs)
  • Korg DRV2000* (38 IRs)

The IRs of Dusty Racks 2 have been recorded using Neve and SSL preamps and were carefully edited to ensure consistency throughout the entire library.

A collection of 350 IRs and 207 individual presets

The included presets were created during real mixing sessions with a particular focus on vocals, keyboards, synth, drums as well as acoustic instruments.

The IRs are divided into two banks. One bank includes single IR presets designed to replicate the original vibe of the unit, and in the second multi-layer bank, the presets combine two or more IRs from different units layered together. This second bank wonderfully extends the tonal palette, creating really unprecedented reverb spaces.

Use in the Free REmatrix Player or REmatrix Full. This library includes the REmatrix player plug-in that allows you to load and use any IR and preset from Dusty Racks 2. To have full control over the sound, Dusty Racks 2 can also be loaded into the full version of REmatrix (separate purchase required).

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