SKB Keyboard Case (76-Note) - 1SKB-R5220W (Wheels) - Roto Molded
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SKB Keyboard Case (76-Note) - 1SKB-R5220W (Wheels) - Roto-Molded

[Gulidwater Note: This item ships directly from the manufacturer -- SKB -- in Anaheim, California. Their handling-time prior to shipment is generally about 1 to 3 business days. Please bear this in mind when ordering.]

The 1SKB-R5220W Roto Molded Keyboard Cases feature a molded-in unbreakable carrying handle, end handle, and an integrated valance design which incorporates a new patented trigger release latching system. These indestructible latches are injection molded from fiberglass reinforced nylon, are easy to operate and survive the rigors and abuse of the road. Each case has roller blade style wheels for easy transport. With the adjustable corner cleat system keyboardists can easily position the cleats to accommodate a variety of different keyboards. Foam in the lid keeps the keyboard snug in the case.


  • Molded-in unbreakable carrying handle and valance
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon trigger release latching system
  • Roller blade style wheels
  • Convenient end towing handle
  • Corner cleats for easy interior customization


Interior Length
50.50 in
128.27 cm
Interior Width
19.75 in
50.17 cm
Interior Depth
5.00 in
12.70 cm
Exterior Length
55.25 in
140.34 cm
Exterior Width
23.75 in
60.33 cm
Exterior Depth
7.50 in
19.05 cm
Carton Length
55.75 in
141.61 cm
Carton Width
24.50 in
62.23 cm
Carton Depth
8.25 in
20.96 cm
Shipping Weight
31.40 lb
14.24 kg
Product Weight
27.60 lb
12.52 kg

Notes: Interiors dimensions are measured with all 4 cleats installed.