Tek'it Audio Neogen Hybrid Morphing Synthesizer
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Neogen is a hybrid (phase distortion/subtractive) polyphonic synthesizer with sound morphing capabilities. 


  • Phase Distortion - 56 variation of waveform shapes and 4 modulation types.
  • Sub Oscillator - Add the Square wave sub-oscillator to create massive bass.
  • Quality - Select the oscillator quality, perfect to create lo-fi sound.


  • Morph - Morph your sound with one slider, invert, fade and mute the effect. Ideal for live play.
  • Full Control - Control the level of morphing for any parameter. Fade your morphing over the time.
  • Rhythmic Arp - 8 voices arpeggio sequencer to create complex arp, up to 32 steps.


  • Types - 11 filters from low-pass with an analog tone to variants that sounds digital.
  • Modulation - Modulate the filter Cutoff to create sweep or wobble and sync it on the beat.
  • Envelope - Control the depth of the filter ADSR envelope and keytrack amount.


  • Spatial -  Use the 2 voices chorus, the delay and the reverb to give breath to your presets.
  • Auto-pan - Create more spatial effect by synchronizing the pan to the beat.
  • Tone - Control your bass and treble to give to your sound the tone you desire.

Other Features

  • Micro-tuning - Tune any Note freely by loading MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) file.
  • MIDI - Integrated MIDI learn and automation on all the parameters.
  • Presets -  326 presets ready to be edited to match your tracks.

Feature highlights

  • Phase distortion oscillators.
  • 56 variation of waveform shapes.
  • 5 oscillator quality modes, HQ, Digitized, Sampler Computer, 8bit, 8bit Glitch.
  • 4 modulation types.
  • 1 square wave sub-oscillator.
  • Monophonic Glide.
  • 11 Filter types from low-pass with an analog tone to variants that sounds digital.
  • Filter drive control.
  • Filter modulation with rate and depth control.
  • Filter modulation rate can be sync on the beat.
  • Triggering, Dip wave and Invert modulation controls.
  • ADSR amp and filter envelope, AD pitch envelope with depth control.
  • 2 voices chorus, sync delay, reverb and auto-pan effects.
  • Bass and treble tone control.
  • Switchable output soft limiter.
  • Sound morphing with depth control on any parameters.
  • Visual feedback of the amount of morphing effect.
  • Morphing fade with 2 envelopes modes.
  • 8 voices arpeggiator sequencer.
  • 8 pattern by presets.
  • Save, Load pattern and patterns bank.
  • Support MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) file.
  • Velocity amount control on 12 parameters.
  • 10 Velocity curves.
  • Full MIDI automation support.
  • Easy MIDI learn on all parameters.
  • Use 7-bit MIDI Continuous Controller or High resolution 14-bit MIDI NRPN and RPN.
  • Selectable Maximum MIDI pitch bend range.
  • Four note playback priority mode.
  • Selectable envelope re-trigger mode.
  • Preset manager, rename, copy, save, load...
  • Undo your changes to initial preset value.
  • One click randomize for all parameters.
  • 326 Factory presets.
  • Up to 128 user presets per bank.
  • Easy installer.

System requirements

  • 1.5GHz CPU or higher with SSE2.
  • 512MB RAM or higher.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, XP (SP2 or later), or Vista™.
  • 900x720px screen resolution or higher.
  • VST™ 2 compatible host.
  • Sound card with ASIO driver support recommended.
  • To use the automation a Host with automation features. For MIDI learn a MIDI interface and an external MIDI control device are required.