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Urban Drumz – Producer Dream Set Includes: 8 HQ Sample Packs developed by professional sound designers.

99 Claps. Claps made by sound designers of the famous clap samples used in Billboard hits: Rihanna’s “Fading”, Black Eyed Peas “One Tribe”, Timbaland’s “Marching On”.

Claps were recorded in various environments from world-class studio rooms to big house porch, this way different characteristics of the clap sound have been captured. Microphones such as Brauner Valvet, Shoeps BLM-03C, AKG C-12, Neumann U-87, Beyerdynamic M160 in conjunction with class-a preamps were used in the recording sessions giving us plethora of frequency tones to build the punchy clap sound for modern music productions that today’s producer needs.

The pack includes 99 claps individually constructed and sorted into 4 types by folders:

  •  Big Klapz – 20 wav samples
  • Medium Klapz – 25 wav samples
  • Small Klapz – 26 wav samples
  • FX Klapz – 29 wav samples

Danjarous Drums 1 & 2. “Danjarous Drums” series drum samples designed in the style of Danjahandz, Timbaland and The Neptunes. Recorded at the world-class music studio using variety of PRO microphones and pre-amps. 546 hip hop drum samples!

‘Danjarous Drums 1’ detailed information: Offering two Drum Sets which include 24 Kick, 24 Snare, 24 Side- stick, 12 Hi-hat, 12 Percussion and 6 Cymbal samples. Also the Shot set includes multi- sampled Big tom, Bass Drum and Hi-hat ranging with dynamic variety of samples so it is easy to create a live performance of the instruments.

‘Danjarous Drums 2’ detailed information: Samples are organized into 5 main folders: “BeatVox”, “Claps”, “Drum Set 3″,”Drum Set 4″,”Drum Set 5″.”BeatVox” sounds are offered within two kits. Both kits include vocal kicks, percussion and snares for easy beatvox beat production. Claps folder includes Ambient, Plastik, Snappy and Vintage type of sounds. Covering wide range of sounds “Danjarous Drumz 2” can be used for a large variety of popular genres: Hip hop, R’n’B, Dance, Europop, Pop-rock and many more.

Danjarous Pulse 1 & 2. Construction Style set of drum loops bundle pack containing 696 todays popular music drum loops in construction-style format. Smashing, breaking top quality 35 drum beats. Every multi-track beat includes separate sub mix stems of loop files with kicks, snares, claps, hats, percussion, crashes and fx. All Loops are produced in the style of Timbaland, Danjahandz, Neptunes, RedOne, Pollow da Don and more.

Loop set is organized into 4 billboard top standart tempos: 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm and 120bpm. 35 original multi-track drum loop themes, each theme includes 3 additional breaks for beat arrangement variety. Every theme is separated into individual drum instrument loop files totaling over 696 loops of 35 multi-track construction style rhythmz! All loops are acidized and can be stretched into uptempo or downtempo beats!

Beaty Rhythmz. Beaty Rhythmz: that’s 29 modern rhythms for your productions: over 110 loops in acidized WAV and Apple Loops AIFF formats provided with Variations (breaks/fills) for each Main Drum Beat theme. Thaloops are proud to present the ‘Beaty Rhythmz’ Drum Beat Loop-set. Beaty Rhythmz includes the hottest Billboard, Top-40 drum loops matching today’s radio hit music! All Beaty Rhythmz drum loops are acidized .wav format where each Main Drum Beat Theme is provided with chop-able breaks, fills, percussion rolls etc. That allows the producer to control its own original production creativity.

The Beaty Rhythmz loop-set includes 29 Drum Beat themes in a various billboard, top40 TOP genres featuring several styles of artists such as Drake, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Timbaland and more. Whether the beat you are producing is for hip-hop, pop or dance act ‘Beaty Rhythmz’ is going to match your needs. If you are looking for rare, modern, acoustic/electronic hybrid programmed drum beats ‘Beaty Rhythmz’ is for you.

Trippin’ Percussion. Colossal collection of percussion loops matching almost every urban production aspect. Wether you are producing a downtempo or an uptempo beat the percussion loop-set is featuring a variety of rhythmic patterns programmed to match your productions. Just add and mix-match your own kick and snare patterns with “Trippin’ Percussion” and save your production time. Live performance recordings were programmed into fresh hip hop percussion loops. Make your beats with ease and surprise your clients with quality. The innovative touch to your productions is guaranteed using percussion loops from the set.

To design 160 loops we didn’t set the limits on percussion instruments to be used, so much that even stringed ethnic instruments were used for the rhythmic patterns. The loop-set stylistically is focused towards urban genres and can be easily used in hip-hop, pop, edm productions.

Danjarous Percussion. ‘Danjarous Percussion’ allows you to create your own urban percussion rhythms. This pack contains over 430 ethnic samples. It includes such instruments as the djembe, congas, tambourines, bongos, pandeiro, qarqaba and more. Each instrument is multi-sampled and is programmed into the preset. 

All percussion samples are placed across the keyboard keys. It is easy to perform realistic percussion rhythms just simply playing samples on a keyboard. ‘Danjarous Percussion’ includes 17 multi-format presets for creating real ethnic Hip Hop beats. All major software samplers are supported.