Turbosound Milan M18B Subwoofer (18" 2200W)
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Turbosound Milan M18B Subwoofer (18" 2200W)
2200 Watt 18" Powered Subwoofer
KLARK TEKNIK Technology for Portable PA & Installation Applications

  • Band pass powered subwoofer for portable PA and installation applications
  • 2,200 Watt power featuring KLARK TEKNIK Class-D technology
  • High excursion 18" low frequency driver with 4" voice coil and double suspension
  • Bass boost and polarity switch for accurate low frequency system integration
  • Birch plywood enclosure with hard wearing semi matt black paint finish
  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille
  • 36 mm pole mount to support satellite speaker
  • Plated steel castors with rubber tyres
  • 10-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

The 2,200-Watt MILAN M18B is a powered portable band pass 18" subwoofer that is designed for maximum bass extension for both portable and permanent install applications. M18B’s discrete inputs are equipped with balanced, combination ¼ " jack/XLR connectors and a shared Level control, making them ideal for a wide range of music sources, from mixing consoles, low impedance microphones, guitars and keyboards.

Bandpass Enclosure Design - Bandpass enclosures are extremely efficient, creating maximum bass output within a specific frequency range by increasing the acoustic load presented to the driver. The low distortion bandpass design utilized in the M18B reinforces the bass musical instrument frequencies, and steep cut-off slopes ensure an effective acoustic transition for use with MILAN Series full-range loudspeakers. A typical application could consist of an M18B providing the low-frequency bass extension for one, or two MILAN Series top cabinets.

Class-D - Massive Power, Perfect Sound - Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology, we are able to provide 2,200 Watts of output power with incredible sonic performance in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable and lightweight package. Class-D amplification makes all the difference, offering the ultimate in energy efficiency and eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks. This amazing technology makes it possible to design and build extremely powerful products that are significantly lighter in weight than their traditional counterparts, while using less energy and protecting the environment. The lightweight Switch Mode Power Supply, coupled with the industry-leading KLARK TEKNIK Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module, provides dynamic equalization and sophisticated limiting functions, ensuring optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Custom-Engineered Drivers - Powerful, high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers and Switch Mode Power Supply technology coupled with state-of-the-art DSP functionality sounds very impressive – but what about the part of the system you actually hear? We are known internationally for making some of the best-sounding speaker systems in the world, so we take our drivers (woofers and tweeters) very seriously. Our LF and HF drivers are designed specifically for each application – it is what sets us apart from the competition. When you buy a TURBOSOUND loudspeaker, you can rest assured the high-excursion 18" LF driver inside has been engineered to perform flawlessly in conjunction with every other element for truly professional results. The MILAN M18B outputs massive quantities of tight and articulate bass – and works seamlessly with all MILAN Series loudspeakers.

Integrated Control Center - The onboard control panel features a subwoofer Level control, a polarity switch for proper phasing with your loudspeakers, and a switchable Boost filter (set at 100 Hz), which ensures correct integration with your system. An additional filter allows the selection of Speech (for enhanced voice intelligibility), or Music for the broader frequency range required for the high-fidelity reproduction of musical content. Convenient XLR Thru connectors send both input signals to your powered full-range loudspeakers, or to additional powered subwoofers.


Components 1 x 18" LF driver 
Connectors Input: 2 x female XLR wired pin 2 hot 
Thru 2 x male XLR wired pin 2 hot 
IEC mains connector with integrated fuse-holder
Controls Level, Polarity, Boost, Boost Frequency
System Data  
Frequency Range 40 Hz–100 Hz ±3 dB 
30 Hz–150 Hz -10 dB
Dispersion @-6 dB pts N / A
Max SPL (peak) 134 dB (Half Space)
Equalization N / A
Boost Frequency +6 dB @ 40 Hz–90 Hz, Q=1
Power LED Blue
Signal LED Green
Limit LED Red
Clip LED N / A
Circuit Protection  
Amplifier Protection Full short circuit, thermal, overcurrent, DC
LF/HF Driver  
Max Output Power 2200W
Audio Inputs  
Input Sensitivity +4 dBu at center position for full rated power
Input Impedance 10 kO unbalanced, 20 kO balanced
Power Supply   
USA / Canada 100–120 V~, T 6.3 A H 250 V
UK / Australia / Europe 220–240 V~, T 3.15 A H 250 V
China 220–240 V~, T 3.15 A H 250 V
Japan 100–120 V~, T 6.3 A H 250 V
Power Consumption 280 W at 1/8 max power
Construction Birch plywood, screwed and glued
Dimensions 590 x 640 x 530 mm (23.2 x 25.2 x 20.9")
Net weight 48 kg (105.6 lbs
Rigging options N / A