Vienna VI Special Edition Bundle Complete
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Vienna Symphonic Library VI Special Edition Bundle Complete. VI SPECIAL EDITION BUNDLE.

 The VI Special Edition Bundle delivers a large-scale orchestra with a staggering 157 instruments and ensembles, including choir, with a broad range of playing techniques – a powerhouse of symphonic variety in a resource-saving, affordable package. This Bundle includes all Special Edition Volumes at a reduced price, when compared to purchasing them separately.

Included Volumes:

  • VI Special Edition Volume 1 – Essential Orchestra
  • VI Special Edition Volume 1 PLUS – Articulation Expansion to Vol. 1
  • VI Special Edition Volume 2 – Extended Orchestra
  • VI Special Edition Volume 2 PLUS – Articulation Expansion to Vol. 2
  • VI Special Edition Volume 3 – Appassionata & Muted Strings
  • VI Special Edition Volume 4 – Special Winds & Choir
  • VI Special Edition Volume 5 – Dimension Strings
  • VI Special Edition Volume 6 – Dimension Brass
  • VI Special Edition Volume 7 – Historic Instruments