Vienna Symphonic Library VI Special Edition Vol. 4
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Vienna Symphonic Library VI Special Edition Vol. 4. Apart from the lush and cinematic Appassionata Strings with a wide variety of playing techniques in normal and muted variations, the Special Edition Volume 3 (“Appassionata & Muted Strings”) focuses on “con sordino“ (muted) recordings of the Solo Strings and Chamber Strings. Additionally, you’ll find an alternative Harp to the one included in the Special Edition Volume 1.

All instruments include Vienna Symphonic Library’s famed Legato Performances – real note transitions, smoothly and authentically performed by the algorithms of the Vienna Instruments software player.

If you’ve already purchased Special Edition Volume 1 or Volume 2 and want to expand it with especially lyrical, silky shimmering string sounds, this Volume is the perfect choice. By the way, did you know that you can achieve particularly warm and lush string pads by combining “normal” strings with “con sordino” layers?

Included Instruments

  • Appassionata violins (20 players) – normal & “con sordino”
  • Appassionata violas (14 players) – normal & “con sordino”
  • Appassionata cellos (12 players) – normal & “con sordino”
  • Appassionata double basses (10 players) – normal & “con sordino”
  • Solo violin – “con sordino”
  • Solo viola – “con sordino”
  • Solo cello – “con sordino”
  • Solo double bass – “con sordino”
  • Violin chamber ensemble (6 players) – “con sordino”
  • Viola chamber ensemble (4 players) – “con sordino”
  • Cello chamber ensemble (3 players) – “con sordino”
  • Double bass chamber ensemble (2 players) – “con sordino”
  • Harp 2