Vienna Vienna Smart Orchestra
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Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Smart Orchestra. 

Symphonic Power – In the Studio, Live on Stage, on the Road.

  • The entire orchestra at your fingertips
  • Quick sketching and scoring
  • Instant inspiration powered by Vienna Synchron Player
  • Symphonic and experimental FX presets
  • VSO ExpansionPack adds more instruments
  • NKS ready

Playing a 140 piece orchestra on the keyboard has never been easier and more rewarding. The Vienna Smart Orchestra brings the power of a large symphonic orchestra right to your fingertips. Whether you are looking for inspiration, quickly sketching a symphonic idea, delivering a final score on a deadline, or playing live on stage – this orchestral powerhouse lets you play all the sections and lead instruments at once, spread out over the entire keyboard. This lean and resource-saving package delivers a perfectly balanced orchestra that’s fun to play, and at an irresistible price.

NEW: VSO ExpansionPack (Sold Separately.) The VSO ExpansionPack adds a variety of instruments to the “Solo” category of the Vienna Smart Orchestra. The instruments are available separately to be played as lead instruments, either in “Pad + Solo” mode for adding melodies with your right hand to ensemble accompaniments played with your left hand, or in “Full Range Mode” to play solos using the entire ranges the instruments naturally provide.

  • Legatos: Viola Ensemble, Cello Ensemble, Piccolo, English horn, Bass clarinet, Bassoon
  • Single Notes: Harp, Celesta, Timpani
Instantiating the expanded Vienna Smart Orchestra on several tracks, you can even create complex polyphonic string arrangements. Enrich your compositions by adding lyrical woodwind solos in several new colors or create a variety of combinations, e.g., clarinet + bassoon, or flute + piccolo in unison or octaves.
As with the string and wind instruments, the harp and the celesta can be used in combination with the accompanying orchestra or as individual instruments with their full range of six octaves, and four and a half octaves, respectively. The timpani provide a high level of detail with eight velocity layers from ppp to fff and four variants per note and velocity layer.
Vienna Smart Orchestra Presets. Create large orchestrations on the fly, without worrying about balancing and fine-tuning the instrumentation! Get creative with experimental FX presets for hybrid soundscapes and organic textures. With pre-configured presets, you can either play the entire orchestra with full dynamics on your keyboard, adjust the balance of the main sections (strings, woodwinds, brass, mallets, drums and percussion) in the mixer, or play these sections separately. What’s more, you may add selected solo instruments, such as flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet or an ensemble of first violins over the accompanying ensemble played with your left hand.
Customized layers such as subtle pianissimo string pads or fortissimo brass break-outs make it easy to find the right tone in a split second. The “marcato control” feature enables you to play everything from smooth legato lines to aggressive ostinatos in just one patch by simply moving a pre-configured fader.

All sections and solo instruments are expertly placed at Synchron Stage Vienna, one of the best-sounding scoring stages on the planet, using Vienna MIR Pro technology integrated right into the multi-channel mixer of the Vienna Synchron Player.

NKS Integration. The Vienna Smart Orchestra supports Native Instruments’ NKS format and is compatible with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine. Use the Light Guide to quickly identify key switches and play ranges of your instruments, browse and preview sounds, and quickly adapt them using pre-configured control knobs. Download the NKS installers from MyVSL.

Vienna Smart Orchestra 


  • Full orchestra + percussion, with and without mallets section
    Different Presets with full range of bass instruments, reduced range, and without bass
  • Individual sections: strings, woodwinds, brass, mallets
  • Separate solo instruments, full range: violins, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn
  • FX Presets in 4 categories: Pads, Plucks, Leads, Processed Percussion, Pulses, and Basses

Articulation types

  • Short notes, short notes + pizzicato
  • Long notes: normal, fortissimo, pianissimo, tremolo. All except pianissimo also with marcato attack.
  • Legato: solo instruments
  • Pad + solo: normal and soft pad, staccato, pizzicato, and tremolo plus solo instruments
  • FX: articulations according to FX type 

Vienna Smart Orchestra ExpansionPack (Sold Separately.)

  • New full-range solo instruments: violas, cellos, harp, celesta, piccolo, english horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, timpani
  • Legato or single notes (harp, celesta, timpani)
  • Identical Preset structure as the original Smart Orchestra for instant application