Applied Acoustics Systems Deconstruction Sound Pack
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Sound Pack for Chromaphone 2 

World-renowned artist Amon Tobin has unleashed his instinctive ingenuity to make Deconstruction—a collection of 102 presets boasting aggressive and hypnotizing yet beautiful aural landscapes. Deconstruction elevates Chromaphone 2 to Tobin's unique sonic vision—with sounds ranging from eerie to shiny and sleek. This collection is abstractedly imperfect and dissonant yet structured as a whole, demonstrating the culmination of Tobin's decades of evolution through experimentation. Packed full of haunting melodic sounds, peculiar percussion and unsettling soundscapes, Deconstruction will engulf you in its broken but captivating world.

Who's Amon Tobin? Brazil-born Amon Tobin spent his formative years in the UK. He came up through the breakdancing and hip-hop scenes of the 80s, and the drum & bass and jungle scenes of the 90s, before establishing a sound and a style that was singularly his own. For the next several years, he pushed the boundaries of found sound to the limits on acclaimed albums such as Bricolage, Permutation, Supermodified, and Out From Out Where, and pushed other compositional tactics forward in albums like Foley Room and ISAM. Tobin also produced several original movie and video game scores, such as the blockbuster game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and created numerous dancefloor-oriented singles and albums under the Two Fingers alias.

The depth and scope of Amon Tobin's work have been a major inspiration to many. He achieved respect among artists within and outside electronic music. He established a reputation for musical ingenuity unconfined by genre and still remains to this day, one of the most visionary electronic artists of his generation.

The 102 presets of Deconstruction.