Guildwater Gear is a retailer of audio-visual equipment and musical instruments, for both the studio and the stage, catering to professionals and aspirants alike. We look forward to serving you.

Our mission is to deliver quality products for the studio and the stage, to both audio-visual professionals and aspirants alike.   

Guildwater Gear was established in late 2017. We place a premium upon customer service, and will do our utmost to achieve that goal. Our customer-service motto is: "We are always here when you need us. We are never there when you don't." By this, we mean that we will greatly respect your privacy, while serving your gear needs to the best of our abilities. This means no unsolicited marketing emails (spam), and no unsolicited phone calls. Additionally, and categorically, under no circumstances will your information be sold or given to third-parties. Your account information and transactions are safe, owing to our SSL Certificate, which verifies our business identity, and protects your information and data, using the latest encryption technology. (That is what the little padlock up in the top left corner of your browser's address bar signifies, when you view your cart and go to checkout, when you view your account, cart, or go to checkout.)    

Guildwater Gear is the online retail division -- a wholly-owned subsidiary -- of The Guildwater Group, LLC. The Guildwater Group was itself established in 2015. It is based in AthensGA. It is a privately-held diversified investment company. It is a hybrid entity. In addition to its retail arm -- Guildwater Gear -- the Guildwater Group also possesses interests in sound, print, and visual media. As a record label, boutique in scale, our mission is to build a quality catalog of recordings, produced by independent artists, individuals who pursue their inner-vision, irrespective of the trends of the marketplace. We prefer artists who place integrity over commercialism, and craft over persona. We prize substance over form. We reach for quality over quantity.