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The Future is Now – Encounter Elysion 2! We started a journey into the future of sound – and we arrived! Encounter Elysion 2 – our massive and incredibly fast scoring tool. Play simple chords and instantly create overwhelming sound worlds. Move your modwheel and distort time and space. Let the famous ensemble engine animate your music. 

  • Powerful synth built on handcrafted processed and synthetic sounds, treated like acoustic instruments. 
  • Sets a new level of hybrid composing: incredibly simple and outrageously beautiful. 
  • Forms the massive hybrid twin to The Orchestra. 
  • Extends the Elysion ambient synth with aggressive and powerful new instruments, presets, themes and effects. 
  • 207 playable instruments, and over 400 complex animated themes. 

Elysion 2 – The Encounter takes you to the very extremes of our universe – within one modwheel-turn. It enriches your synthetic palette with more aggressive, powerful and driving sounds. Press a key and unleash a raw and vivid sonic scenario with our breakthrough and award-winning ensemble engine, known from The Orchestra. If you’re scoring trailers, blockbusters or just want to hear the universe burn – Elysion 2 will get you covered! 

What´s Included?  

Elysion 2 takes off to an exciting chapter of our popular synth Elysion. It comes with a variety of driving and powerful instruments, themes, effects and features. Elysion 2 further includes the complete original ambient synth Elysion! 

Ambient – Organic – Cinematic: Elysion is a huge and incredibly fast ambient scoring tool, perfectionated to fill the space with inspiration. Experience the infinite sound cosmos full of shimmering spheres, organic ambiances and complex cinematic themes. 

Aggresive – Powerful – Driving: Elysion 2 - The Encounter takes a very different path. It enriches the palette of Elysion with aggressive, raw and wild instruments and effects, featuring epic spheres, powerful pulses and shattering themes. Unleash the extreme force of Elysion 2 with a simple keystroke. 

Each Interstellar Object hast its own Sonic Character. The Elysion 2 themes are named after the planets of our solar system and other interstellar objects, each one representing a different sonic character. 

  • Earth – Terrestrial, Familiar, Conventional, Poppy 
  • Mars – Aggresive, Strong, Energy, Violence 
  • Sagittaruis – Violent, Brute, Dark, Shattering, Destructive 
  • Venus – Sensuality, Tranquility 
  • Antares – Bombastic, Cinematic, Modern 
  • Mercury – Lively, Vibrant, Diverse 
  • Jupiter – Happiness, Joyfulness 
  • Saturn – Old, Wise, Sad, Melancholics 
  • Uranus – Magical, Enchanted, Wonderful 
  • Neptune – Dark, Mysterious 
  • Sirius – Powerful, Hot, Bright, Positive, Alive, Energetic 
  • Orion – Mystical, Indeterminate, Nebulous, Creepy 

Key Features 

  • All instruments available as single NKI, to freely play them outside the engine 
  • New distortion and saturation FX for a more aggressive and driving sound 
  • Sampled Synthetic Instruments, containing up to 3 Round Robins and 5 Velocity Layers 
  • Refined Ensemble Engine 2.0 with new, powerful functionalities 
  • Unique Motion Engine allowing fundamental customizations 
  • Massive synth hybrid twin of The Orchestra for a new level of cinematic composing 
  • Over 400 complex animated and fully customizable themes, featuring up to 5 fully controllable instruments 
  • Over 207 instantly playable hybrid organic instruments 
  • 12.500+ individual samples. All carefully recorded, sampled and handcrafted 
  • MIDI-Export: Unleash the power of the ensemble engine onto your personal template  

Elysion 2 was developed for Best Service by Sonuscore / Dynamedion, the makers of The Orchestra, Trinity Drums as well as NI Action Strings, Action Strikes, Emotive Strings and many more. Dynamedion was founded in 2000 by Tilman Sillescu and Pierre Langer, two composers with university degrees in music. With a steadily increasing number of contracts and growing customer base it has since become a leader in soundtrack composition and sound design on the European computer game market. In 2005 Dynamedion produced highly successful, first benchmark live orchestra recordings for a German game soundtrack, setting the standard for large-scale projects in the industry. With numerous further productions for the video game industry, Dynamedion has earned itself a reputation for unsurpassed quality and integrity in this area.