Boom Library European Life Stereo 3D Surround
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  • Pristine 3D Surround Ambiences of Small Towns, Villages and Suburbs 
  • Neighborhoods 
  • Indoors 
  • Rivers 
  • Transportation 
  • People 
  • Waterfronts 
  • Farms & Barns 
  • Streets & Alleyways 
  • Main Squares 
  • Countryside & Campgrounds

EUROPEAN LIFE – 3D SURROUND AMBIENCES. We wandered the European countryside to capture the unique flavors of the different small towns, villages, and suburbs. Now Europe can be enjoyed from farmstead to cottage with this ambient sound effects collection that encompasses all the rural sound palettes from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. The sounds provide genuine atmospheres for each setting without any distractions in the foreground; perfect, countryside soundscapes for authentic audio layers in your production. 

Varying from calm restaurants to small town cafes, rivers and creeks to traffic and streets, EUROPEAN LIFE contains an entire sonic palette of the European rural life. Recorded in 3D, you can choose the exact listening angle or use the stereo version (also included). EUROPEAN LIFE makes for an excellent addition to our TOWN & COUNTRY collection to broaden the agrarian scope, or as a companion to URBAN EUROPE to round out the sounds of the European continent. 

A COUNTRYSIDE AMBIENCE. EUROPEAN LIFE offers a large selection of countryside soundscapes, bringing a unique realism to the romantic settings of the rural pastures and villages of the continent. From village squares and the chatting din of small-town cafes to farm life and passing cars, EUROPE’S RURAL AREAS captures the essence of life outside the city. 

CAPTURE THE SCENE. Use ambiences from EUROPE’S RURAL AREAS to create accurate sound design, capturing the true emotion and feeling by including the true audio dynamic of the background sounds. Whether your scene is capturing an idyllic moment on a vineyard, or a chase scene along scenic waterfronts to a rural monastery, find the right background sounds on this album. 

INCLUDING STEREO VERSION. Not only was EUROPE’S RURAL AREAS recorded in 3D SURROUND, but a stereo version is also included in your purchase of 3DS for your convenience. Instantly use any of these authentic rural sounds for any project that doesn’t require the depth of 3D. 

YOU ONLY NEED THIS LIBRARY IN STEREO? VOILÀ! SAME QUALITY, SAME CONTENT. You don’t want to miss the excellent EUROPEAN LIFE source recordings, but don’t necessarily require the surround version? We offer the same recordings in the same quality in our stereo version at a lower price. 

COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE. BOOM Library sound FX come as WAV files. This means you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type.