Gibson Les Paul Special (TV Yellow 1977)
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Gibson Les Paul Special 55-77 (TV Yellow 1977)

Used item. One owner since the early 1990s. Images above are of the actual guitar, taken in a professional studio photography environment. This guitar is a 1977 remake of a 1955. It is "TV Yellow." Headstock Text & Number: " Les Paul 55-77 Made in U.S.A. 06201886." The "06" denotes that it was manufactured in 1977. The "886" denotes that it was produced at the Gibson Nashville plant. If you care to read more about Gibson serial numbers, you may do so via the Gibson Support website, under "Serial Number Search." 

Here is the known history of this Les Paul Special, including all known alterations. This guitar was purchased at a music store in Charleston, South Carolina in the early 1990s. At the time of purchase, the original tuning pegs of the headstock had already been replaced by the extant Grover tuners. Also, the peg to which a guitar strap is attached, on the top of the body, had been moved closer to the neck, leaving a small circular hole. This hole has since been filled by a local Athens luthier, around 2014. Apparently, when the guitar-strap peg at the top of the body was moved, the matching one on the tailpiece of the guitar body was also moved, although more efficiently. The older guitar-strap peg hole of the tail is subtle, but still slightly visible. Both the Grover tuning pegs and the relocated guitar-strap pegs can be seen in the photographs above.

Beyond these changes made prior to the 1990s, the only alteration made to the guitar, since its last purchase, is to the nut. The original shelf nut was replaced by an Earvana Compensated Tuning Nut, to improve intonation for studio recording. This work was done by a local Athens luthier of national reputation, who also dressed the frets, patched the empty guitar-strap peg hole, and set up the guitar professionally. 

Otherwise, save where noted above, the guitar is as it was purchased in the early 1990s, and as manufactured in 1977. The guitar is in great shape, and structurally sound, considering its age. The only dings and scratches of note are as follows: (1) There are two small chips to the ebony of the headstock front, one beneath the word "Gibson" and another smaller one beneath the work "Model." (2) The paint is modestly worn, chipped, and discolored on the top of the body, at the cut-away, near the edge of the pick-guard, at the 21st-fret. (3) There are small chips and general finish discolorations on the tail of the guitar body, which are especially visible from the back. Please see the photographs for these details.

The original hardshell case is not in very good shape, but still intact, and largely functional. The purchaser of this guitar can have either this original case, or Guildwater Gear will provide a brand new SKB 1SKB-56 as a replacement, if preferred, at no extra charge. We are authorized SKB dealers.