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Auto-Key - Automatic Key and Scale Detection.

Auto-Key is an automatic key and scale detection plug-in, designed to enhance your Auto-Tune workflow and save valuable time in the studio. Choosing the correct key and scale for your music is an essential part of effective pitch correction, and Auto-Key makes this quick and easy. It’s also useful for choosing samples and loops that match the key of your project. Place Auto-Key on a track to analyze your music in real time, or upload an audio file for faster than real-time analysis. Auto-Key automatically detects and displays the key and scale of your music, as well as the tuning reference frequency. The onscreen keyboard also lights up to show detected pitches. Click the “Send to Auto-Tune” button, and compatible versions of Auto-Tune are automatically updated with the correct key and scale settings. Even if you already know the key and scale of your music, Auto-Key will streamline your workflow by allowing you to conveniently set the key and scale for multiple instances of Auto-Tune with a single click.

Compatible Auto-Tune Editions:

  • Auto-Tune Pro
  • Auto-Tune Access

Key and Scale Detection - Auto-Key makes it quick and easy to find the key and scale of your music. Just place it on an instrument track or master bus and begin playback. Auto-Key will analyze the audio in real time and display the key and scale after a few seconds of playback analysis. You can also upload an audio file to analyze an entire song in seconds. In addition to key and scale, Auto-Key also tells you the reference frequency of your music. Most modern music is tuned so that A is equal to 440 Hz, but this is not always the case. If your music or samples are tuned to a different reference frequency, Auto-Key will show you what it is, so you can make the necessary adjustments when applying pitch correction or selecting samples.

Which Versions of Auto-Tune Are Compatible?

  Access EFX Live Pro
Compatible with Auto-Key: Key Detection Plug-In    
Auto-Key Plug-In Included with Purchase      

Which Auto-Tune Is Right for You?

  Access EFX Live Pro
Auto-Tune Pitch Correction & Vocal Effect
Low Latency for Live Performance & Tracking
Humanize Function
Automatic Formant Correction  
Adjustable Throat Modeling    
Create and Adjust Vibrato    
Real-Time MIDI Control    
Auto-Motion Melodic Pattern Generation      
Compatible with Auto-Key: Key Detection Plug-in    
Auto-Key Plug-in Included with Purchase      
Classic Mode for the "Auto-Tune 5 Sound"      
Flex-Tune Transparent and Flexible Pitch Correction      
Transpose: Real-Time Pitch Shift      
Graphic Pitch Editing      
Graphic Time Editing      
ARA Support (Audio Random Access)      
Generate Note Objects from MIDI      
Adjust Tuning Parameters on Individual Notes