Applied Acoustics System Transmutation Sound Pack for Chromaphone 3
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AAS newcomer Michel Basque presents Transmutation—a 101-preset sound collection for the award-winning Chromaphone 3. Basque treats sounds as instruments, and pays close attention to detail, playability, and balance. The acoustic instruments of Chromaphone 3 are imbued with fresh creative twists: crystalline mallets and bells, futuristic neo-classical keys, exotic and hybrid acoustic strings, filmic guitars, and gritty mutant pads.

With oblique references to various times and places—exotic, traditional, electronic—this collection balances real and surreal textures with a lively quality that captures the acoustic-electronic essence of Chromaphone 3. While ideal for cinematic climaxes or otherworldly soundscapes, more conventional creations will benefit from this organic boost of intensity and emotion. Transmutation sonically reflects a world in the throes of profound changes—a rapidly mutating ecosystem transforming us all.

Who's Michel Basque? Michel Basque has been a Canadian artist, music composer and sound designer since the early 80s, and has experienced roles from lead singer and composer for an underground rock music band, to film and TV music composer and multimedia electronic music composer. In 2007 he joined a sample based sound design company Sonarte and is also collaborating as a sound designer for Ableton, creating packs and some of the main sound banks for their flagship DAW Live. He has been working with AAS since 2019 as a sound designer.