Audix SCX1O Condenser Microphone
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Audix SCX1O Condenser Microphone (Omnidirectional)

The SCX1O is a professional studio cardioid condenser microphone designed for a wide variety of recording, broadcast and live sound applications. Known for its high sensitivity, pin-point accuracy, low profile and consistency, the SCX1O is also available with cardioid (model SCX1C) or hypercardioid (model SCX1HC) capsules.

With a smooth uniform frequency response from 40 Hz 20 kHz, the SCX1 is very consistent when responding to on and off-axis signals, and exhibits excellent phase coherence and minimal proximity effect. The SCX1 is characterized with a wide cardioid polar pattern; this, coupled with the high output and sensitivity of the microphone, makes the SCX1 an ideal choice for miking overhead, drums, instruments, room ambience, orchestral sections, stringed instruments, piano, vibes and sound effects. The SCX1HC condenser microphone is a number one choice for miking hi-hat both live and in the studio.  

Other features include a 21 mm gold vapor capsule, miniaturized electronics and an extremely small footprint. The SCX1 will handle sound pressure levels of 130 dB and will provide up to 20 dB of ambient noise rejection. In addition to acoustic instruments, the SCX1 is an excellent choice for group vocals, speech or Foley work. The SCX1HC has become a popular choice for interior dialogue boom pole miking. It has a precision machined brass body, interchangeable capsules, black multi-layer class ‘A' liquid finish and gold plated XLR connector. The SCX1 studio condenser microphone is manufactured to exacting standards and tight tolerances.


  • Studio vocals, group vocals
  • Speech
  • Overheads, hi-hat
  • Orchestra, symphony
  • Acoustic stringed instruments
  • Piano, vibes, flute, bells, chimes, mariba
  • Audience mics for in ear monitors


Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Frequency Response 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance 200 Ohms
Sensitivity 26 mV/Pa (C) / 17 mV/Pa (HC) / 15 mV/Pa (O) @1k

What's In The Box

  • 1 x SCX1 Studio Condenser Microphone
  • 1 x CASEWOOD Foam Lined Wooden Case
  • 1 x DCLIP Microphone Clip
  • 1 x WS81C External Windscreen


The SCX1 is a world class recording microphone with very high output and sensitivity. The SCX1 and SCX1O generally are not intended to be used at very close range, especially with instruments that produce high sound pressure levels. For acoustic instruments: In general, the working range should be from 1-2 feet, depending on the instrument and room acoustics. For voice: The minimum distance is 8-10 inches for a single voice. For group vocals: The distance should be 2-3 feet. For drum overheads: The microphones should be in a vertical position and placed above the cymbals by 1 ½-2 feet and equidistant from the snare. For high hat: Use the SCX1HC and place 4-6 inches above the outer rim of the high hat cymbal. For bottom snare: Place the SCX1 or SCX1HC 3-4 inches beneath the snare aimed up towards the snares. If miking both top and bottom of the snare, flip the phase on the bottom mic. For piano: For live performance and live recordings, it is sometimes required to use the short stick or closed lid in order to minimize the surrounding instruments from “bleeding” into the piano mics. In these cases, it is suggested to use the Audix DFLEX mounting clips which enable the SCX1 to be mounted right on to the rail of the piano. The mics can be positioned horizontal to the sound board, typically one towards the front of the keyboard and one towards the rear of keyboard towards the bass strings.