Behringer EURORACK Rack
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Behringer EURORACK Rack 

19" Desktop/Rack-Mount Kit with Power Supply for 84 HP Eurorack

  • Desktop/rack-mount kit converts 19? rack into 84 HP Eurorack chassis
  • Ideal for Behringer synthesizers and other Eurorack equipment
  • Rugged aluminum chassis accommodates 84 HP rack-mounted and desktop setups
  • Compact 4 HP power supply with two flying bus boards included (+12 V@1 A, -12 V@1 A, +5 V@0.5 A)
  • Easy positioning of your modules with the included 52 sliding nuts
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

The EURORACK RACK is ideal for any Behringer Eurorack-style synthesizer or equipment. This desktop/rack-mount kit converts a 19” rack into an 84 HP Eurorack chassis. A compact 4 HP power supply with two flying bus boards are included together with a 3A universal power adapter. 52 sliding nuts allow you to easily position your modules so you can freely position your synth wherever you need it.