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Best Service Foley Stage. Best Service and MEC present Foley Stage - Complete, an impressive big and professional Sound Library for your film-, game- and music-production.

Foley Stage is the first Sound Library to be recorded on the Asian continent. Ambience recordings from Asian cities and villages, Ambiences from real life situations, Asian ceremonies, weapon- und battle sounds, firework sounds, electronic sounds from synthesizers, sci-fi and monster sounds and the absolutely essential and globally usable basics from a sound archive. With its 5.000 files, 40.000 different takes and a total of 129 GB sample material, Foley Stage not only gives you everything you need for your game-, film- or documentary production but also offers an extensive journey through the acoustic world of Asia.

Foley Stage is organized in 14 groups: Ambience, Electronic Products, Fireworks, Foley Actions, Foley Cold Weapon, Footsteps, Creatures, Life Properties, Materials, Synthesizer, Tools, Toys, India und Waters. In each group you will find logically labeled files in 24 Bit and 96 kHz. Besides files with different takes and variations you can also find very long files perfectly suitable for atmospheres and soundscapes.

All Foley Stage files contain metadata for a perfect integration into Soundminer! The boxed version includes a USB drive for Mac & PC.

Ambience. Typical, diverse ambiences from different cities and villages in China. They are well recorded and treated for movie issues. Due to their length and variation, these sounds make great loops as with games.

Electronic Products. Very tiny sounds and noises of different home electronic products. It´s the micro world. Different hotel room drones (air fans and conditioners). For example, different DVD drives of Mac Book Pro laptops over the years. Not only perfect for creating Sci-fi sounds, but also for UI, life scenes or documentaries.

Fireworks. Fireworks and fire crackers, both single sounds and ambiences. This kind of sound only happens in China - and nobody recorded it before! The sound of the most important festivals for Chinese people, that can be used for cannon fire and super clean battlefield action as well. 

Foley Actions. The first professional SFX library of its kind - real Chinese Kung Fu action with hard impacts. All in multiple types and takes. Both real action and foley sounds. Our attempt to create real Kung Fu sounds, that both Western and Eastern people will find authentic. 

Foley Cold Weapons. Cold weapons from Chinese history: Sword, spear, fingers, and fists were recorded and processed to forge authentic Asian sounds, even for western film productions. Merge these sounds with the synthesizer pack to create magical Kung Fu sounds for movies and games. 

Footsteps. his pack was specifically designed for games like MMORPG, RTS or FPS. Aside from typical step sounds, there are some highly unique ones, too. At „footsteps“, for example, you will find countless step- and movement-sounds in full armour.

Creatures. Small materials of everyday life, recorded with an exceptional microphone technology. These are the sources of making Sci-fi, CG FX or musical FX. All multiple types and takes. These materials are often used for games and movies. Typical video game demands were considered in the post-production.

Materials. Materials offers a wide range of several material-sounds, like iron, wood, bamboo or stone. Multiple microphone positions were recorded and every sound was logically organiszed in specific groups. These sounds perfectly suit special FX, Sci-Fi, Soundscope and of course general sound design productions.

Synthesizer.  This huge pack mainly contains 4 types of sounds: different energy sounds, signals and UI sounds, Sci-fi sounds, big whooshes and special swishes. The energy sounds contain rich variations and are created with an analog modular system with special controls.

Tools. Sounds of several tools and utilities of the common life. Instead of always including the room sound, like most libraries do, does our library offer both the dry and the ambience sound. A very useful library for sound designers, no matter if it is for a game or film-project. 

Toys. This library contains more than 20 kinds of battery-driven toys, as well as Chinese toys like bamboo-snakes. Brilliant sounds for Sci-Fi, Creature-Design or CG FX!

India. All sounds were recorded in India, carefully edited and well balanced - very useful for feature films, games or documentaries. Sounds like the clean rattle of old trains or religious festivals. All recorded in long takes, using close-mic techniques.

Waters. In all the existing libraries, water sounds too physical and without any emotional or colorful taste. It is just the sound of water. But water is flowing and moving. There should be some space for imagination and feeling. This concept of recording and editing water sounds can be very handy for documentaries, movies or games.