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Boom Library The Complete BOOM Tools || Your Digital Software Registration Code and Instructions Will Be Sent to You, Along With an URL Connecting You Directly to The Manufacturer, Who Will Provide You With Your Software Digitally. Please Be Aware That Software Is Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable. If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to contact us. Guildwater Gear is an Authorized Boom Library Dealer via the Xchange Market.


ALL BOOM INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE IN ONE BUNDLE – AT A REDUCED PRICE. The Ultimate Sound Design Toolkit will improve your workflow in many ways. Boost your creativity, speed up routines, automate recurring tasks. Get THE COMPLETE BOOM TOOLS now, including all our software & sound design plug-ins at a reduced bundle-price. 

ENRAGE. Multi-Modular FX Processor. ENRAGE is a highly addictive multi-modular FX processing tool that opens up unlimited possibilities in how you tweak and process your sounds. Sound design plugins have never been so complex yet so simple. 

ENFORCER. Advanced Sub-Sweetener. A bass plug-in that adds irresistible punch, powerful body and a rigorous low-end bass impulse to your samples. A scalpel for punch with unmatched precision. 

LIFTFX. Rise & Fall Generator. Risers, build-ups, breaks, downlifters, swells, sweeps, falls – it has never been so easy to hype your audience with a beat drop. 

SOUNDWEAVER. Advanced Sound Layering. SOUNDWEAVER helps you design new sounds from your existing sound library in less time and opens up a highly inspirational sound design workflow. 

TURBINE. Dynamic Engine Recreator. A revolutionary sound design plug-in that gives you access to authentic virtual engines based on their real-world counterparts. 

RECENTER. True Stereo Centering. RECENTER automatically repairs off-center stereo recordings while keeping the original stereo width. An invaluable time-saver and a perfect tool for professional post-production. 

DEBIRD. Automated Bird Noise Removal. DEBIRD automatically recognizes bird noises in your recordings and removes them with surgical precision. 

GRIP. Dynamic Vehicle Tyre & Chassis Sound Design. Designing vehicle sounds for motion pictures? Finished with the roar of the engine? Let’s tackle the other 50%: burning rubber. With this sound design plugin, create all the tyre, wheel and chassis interactions you’ll ever need.