elysia xpressor Stereo Compressor (500 Series)
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elysia xpressor Stereo Compressor (500 Series) 

The Universal Analog Compressor Module. Redefined Multi-Talent. The xpressor 500 is one of the best sounding and most versatile stereo compressors in the 500 series format. With its many unique features taken from our flagship products, you not only get great compression and tone, but an amount of control on processing which is hardly ever experienced elsewhere.

Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways – the xpressor 500 shines in many different applications. Best of elysia? You got it!

 5 reasons why you should use the xpressor 500

even though there are many more!

  • Build Quality. The xpressor 500, just like all our products, is designed, engineered and handcrafted in Germany.
  • Discrete Class-A Technology. Consequently represents the art of discrete signal processing
  • Audio Quality. Brilliant audio quality and transparent basic sound.
  • Usability. Easy to use through clearly and structured operation. No hassles at all.
  • Switchable Release Characteristics. This is a unique feature and makes this compressor so special and flexible.

Build Quality. The xpressor 500 is all about details. Every single of its many aspects – sound, features, circuitry, components, design, materials, manufacturing – has been thought over and over until there was just nothing left to improve. Basically, every single part of  our fine products is custom, and most of these are made according to our own designs and specs.

Only the best components the market has to offer are good enough for the xpressor, and it shows. Each of our product is manually built to order and tested by ourselves, here at our headquarters in Germany.

Our product benefits sum up in an audio quality that is beyond all doubt. Even when extreme settings are used, the sound always stays clean and powerful. The xpressor 500 achieves perfect processing results for all different styles of music and assures the ‘this is it’ feeling of a finished song. Its enhanced functions exceed the potential of normal compressors by far and give you unimagined options for mastering and mixing.