HOSA GTR-210 Guitar Cable Straight to Same (10 ft)
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HOSA Guitar Cable Straight to Same (10 ft) - GTR-210

Hosa Tech Guitar Cables are designed to provide years of dependable service. High-quality components and world-class manufacturing combine to deliver products of exceptional value. 

Features Include: 

  • Serviceable, all-metal plugs for touring and other applications
  • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductor for enhanced signal clarity
  • Hi-density OFC braided shield for superior EMI and RFI rejection 

Connectors: Hosa Straight to Same 
Conductor: 24 AWG OFC 
Shield: 90% OFC Braid 

What is a Guitar Cable?  A guitar cable is an instrument cable that carries an audio signal from your guitar to another device such as an amplifier, pedal, tuner, or pre-amp. Guitar cables feature a straight or right-angle ¼”, TS jack. 

Benefits of Hosa Guitar Cables 

  • Quality Cables: High density Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) braided shield for superior signal and longevity 
  • Refined Soldering: Connectors will stand the test of time thanks to precision soldering 
  • Superior Flexibility: Easy set-up and take-down with pliable coiling capabilities 

Why Do You Need a Guitar Cable?  Any electronic instrument, whether a guitar or a keyboard, needs a cable to run a signal through effects units and into amplifiers. Keep in mind that instrument cables are made for instruments, which pass unbalanced, instrument-level signal. If you’re new to playing electric guitar or simply need to replace an outdated cable for your next gig, Hosa Guitar Cables have got you covered. 

Guitar Cable Specifications:  Select your ideal length between 5 and 25 feet depending on your desired setup.