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Following the success of the Chinee Orchestra, KONG AUDIO presents another mighty instrument: the Bian Zhong (Chime-bells) of ZengHouYi (Marquis Yi of Zeng), the stately bronze Chime-bells set that comes from the palace of the Warring States period of China 2,400 years ago. The ZengHouY Bian Zhong Chime-bells set is the most complete and immense set of ancient Chinese Chime-bells ever discovered, and it revealed the lost oval design of “one bell with two tones.” It also goes beyond the Pentatonic Scale and is only one octave less than the modern piano. This set of Bian Zhong is one of the official national treasures of China. Now the composers in the world have the chance to use in their compositions the same Chime-bells that were played in the courts of kings in the early days of Chinese civilization.

Two Versions of Bian Zhong Available:

  • BianZhong (small, 23 pcs)
  • BianZhong Pro(complete,88 pcs*)

23 Bells Bian Zhong is more commonly used in real life for its portability. 65 bells Bian Zhong is the complete set.

  • Bian Zhong Pros(65+23 bells)
  • Bian Zhong(23 bells)
  • BZ Bells(iOS App for iPad)


  • Microsoft Windows. 6GB RAM. 4GB disk space.
  • 3 Ghz CPU.
  • 64-bit VST host sequencers. 
  • Compatible with FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter