Kurzweil KM88 Keyboard MIDI Controller (88-Key)
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Kurzweil KM88 Keyboard MIDI Controller (88-Key) | If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to contact us. Guildwater Gear is an Authorized Kurzweil Dealer.

Take control of your rig with the Kurzweil KM88, a desktop driven, 4-zone MIDI controller. 

  • 88-Note RPHA. Express yourself on the 88-note, fully weighted Real Piano Hammer-Action keys. Tailor the KM88 output response to best suit your sound source and playing style via 7 selectable key velocity maps.
  • 4-Zones. Create custom split and layer combinations with up to 4 independent zones, each with its own controller assignments. Store each configuration as its own “Multi” for easy recall.
  • Multi Recall. Navigate through your user Multis via the programmable front panel switches.
  • Chord Triggers. Create up to 8-note chords that can be triggered from any single key on the keyboard. 


  • Joystick. Pitch and modulation* control on an XY Joystick (*programmable).
  • Programmable Front Panel Controls. Programmable slider and six buttons permit custom controls such as volume, transposition, multi switching, zone muting and more.
  • MMC. Assign front panel buttons to MMC Play/Stop and remotely control your DAW transport.
  • Programmable Pedals. The KM88 offers two switch pedal and one continuous controller pedal input – all user-programmable.


  • Desktop Editor. Create custom Multi combinations comprised of up to 4 zones, program change, key range and controller mapping.
  • Virtual Controllers. Expand your control with the KM88’s host of virtual controllers – 9 sliders, 9 knobs and 9 switches per zone!
  • Compatibility. Cross-platform compatibility for Windows and Mac OSX.


88-key, fully-weighted action with velocity sensitive adjustable keys (RPHA)
Factory Multis 8
User Multis 120
Multi Zones 4
Controllers 1 pitch/modulation joystick
1 slider
6 switch buttons
2 switch pedal inputs*
1 continuous control pedal input*
(*pedals sold separately)
Software Editor External editor for Mac OSX and Windows PC
USB Type B
Included Cubase LE, USB cable, music stand
Height (4.9″) (12.4 cm)
Depth (12.5″) (31.7 cm)
Length (54.5″) (138.5 cm)
Weight (38.6 lb) (17.5 kg)
Power USB-powered
External Power Supply, 5VDC 1.5A (sold separately)
Auto-power off (power saving technology)