Marshall JCM900 4100 Tube Guitar Amp Head (100-Watt | 2-Channel)
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Marshall JCM900 4100 Tube Guitar Amp Head (100-Watt | 2-Channel)
100-Watt All-Valve JCM900 Head (3x ECC83s, 4x 5881s)

JCM900 4100. This two channel dual reverb 100W powerhouse will make you stand out on stage. A stylish reissue, the JCM®900 4100 is the evolution of the JCM800 adding another channel, two reverb options and two gain features. An amp built to go on the road and be on the stage with a sound loud enough to fill stadiums.

CRANK IT UP. High and low power options mean you can change between 50W and 100W of power.

GAIN A LITTLE. Each of the two channels has its own gain and volume settings so that you can crank the gain in the preamp and the volume and get the true loud Marshall crunch.

TWICE THE FEATURES. This amp has two footswitchable channels, one clean and glistening another with grit and distortion. It has two reverb settings for each channel so you can dial in the reverb ready to perform.

A SERIES OF FX. A series FX loop for is for those pedal lovers. Adapt your sound by adding in the FX you like best.


  • Model: JCM900 4100
  • Range: Vintage reissue
  • Technology: Valve / Tube
  • Channels: 2 (Split)
  • Output wattage: 100W
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" jack speaker outputs, (1 x 16Ω / 2 x 8Ω / 2 x 4Ω load selectable)
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" jack instrument input
  • Controls: Channel B (volume, reverb), channel A (volume, reverb), presence, bass, middle, treble, channel B lead gain, Channel A gain
  • Effects: Reverb
  • Effects loop: Yes, with level control
  • Preamp Valves / Tubes: 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter)
  • Power Amp Valves / Tubes: 4 x 5881
  • Footswitch: PEDL-91004 included
  • Cable: Detachable power cable included, speaker cable included
  • Dust cover: M-COVR-00049 (sold separately)
  • Weight: 18.8 kg / 41 lbs
  • Width: 740 mm / 29.1"
  • Height: 310 mm / 12.2"
  • Depth: 210 mm / 8.3"