Marshall SC212 Studio Classic Cabinet (140-Watt - 2 x 12") - Angled
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Marshall SC212 Studio Classic Cabinet (140-Watt - 2 x 12") - Angled

Recreate the unmistakable roar of the JCM800 by matching the SC20H or SC20C with this handmade portable cabinet. Designed and built in Britain with two Celestion V-Type speakers to capture that authentic overdriven Marshall sound, yet constructed with a lightweight chassis allowing you to turn up anywhere.

KEY FEATURES. Authentic JCM800 tone - Capture that time-honoured Marshall resonance that's overdriven to perfection. Compact and convenient - Easily transportable so you can master the rehersal stage then take the tone home.

THE STORY OF THE STUDIO SERIES - A FAMILY PORTRAIT OVER 50 YEARS IN THE MAKING. When it comes to iconic Marshall tone through history there’s three amps that truly stand out. The first of these is the JMP 1959SLP ‘Plexi’, famed for providing Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Biffy Clyro and countless others with their classic signature rock sound. Another of our most revered amps is the JCM800 2203, which defined heavy metal with its easily recognisable roar, and is wielded by Slayer, Metallica and Bring Me The Horizon. The final one of this towering trio is the Silver Jubilee, famed for adding extra gain in a controlled, consistent manner, making it supremely versatile and the tool of choice for Slash, Joe Bonamassa, John Frusciante amongst countless other guitar heroes.

Technical Specification

Mode: SC212
Range: Studio
Inputs: 1
Speaker configuration: 2x12"
Power handling: 140W
Speaker model: Celestion V-type 10” (16Ω, 70W)
Unit impedance: 
Weight: 22.70 (kg) / 50.1 (lbs)
Width: 535 (mm) / 21.1 (in)
Height: 750 (mm) / 29.5 (in)
Depth: 320 (mm) / 12.6 (ln)