MOTU 8A Audio Interface
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MOTU 8A Audio Interface
16x18 TB/USB3 I/O with 8x8 analog, optical, DSP & networking

Thunderbolt™ / USB3 audio interface with renowned ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC technology. Equipped with renowned ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC technology, the 8A has the same award-winning analog audio quality and proven performance as MOTU's flagship 16A interface — packed into a mobile half-rack enclosure. 

34 simultaneous audio channels. You get 8 x 8 balanced analog, 8-channel ADAT optical and independent headphone out for 16 inputs and 18 outputs. The optical ports also support stereo TOSLink (optical S/PDIF). 

Superb analog audio quality and high-end converters. Performance suitable for the most demanding situations. Renowned ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC technology delivers 123 dB dynamic range and the same proven, award-winning audio quality as MOTU's flagship 16A. 

Ultra-low latency and proven, high-performance MOTU drivers. The best possible latency performance. The 8A delivers round-trip latency (RTL) performance as low as 1.6 ms at 96kHz over Thunderbolt™ — and an astonishing 1.9 ms over USB — with high-performance DAW hosts. 

Mobile operation and universal connectivity. Ultimate portability and flexibility. Connects to your computer with Thunderbolt™, super-speed USB 3.0 or AVB/TSN Ethernet — with support for up to 256 audio channels (128 in and 128 out). USB audio class-compliant firmware and high-performance, industry-standard drivers work with any audio apps. Connects to your iPad™ with a standard camera connection kit (adapter).

SP mixing and effects processing. Console-style mixing with 48 channels and 12 busses. The 8A's full-fledged 48-input digital mixer delivers 7 stereo aux busses, 3 groups, access to 64 network inputs, and DSP effects, including reverb, 4-band EQ, gate and compression. If you know your way around a large-format mixing console, you'll feel right at home. If you've ever wished to mix on a large console, the driver's seat is now yours.