Musical Sampling PLCK Virtual Instrument
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Musical Sampling PLCK Virtual Instrument || Your Digital Software Registration Code and Instructions Will Be Sent to You, Along With an URL Connecting You Directly to The Manufacturer, Who Will Provide You With Your Software Digitally. Please Be Aware That Software Is Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable. If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to contact us. Guildwater Gear is an Authorized Musical Sampling Dealer via Best Service B2B. There, You Can Find Us Among Their Authorized Resellers.

PLEASE NOTE: Kontakt (Full required) - not compatible with FREE Kontakt Player!

PLCK - Pluck Sample Collection for Kontakt. PLCK is not your typical pluck library. Most efforts behind existing pluck libraries involve recording samples in complete isolation. The issue with this is that it completely omits all the crucial “pre-pluck” information necessary for a lively pluck sample; that slight, anticipatory “brush” of your finger. To combat this, all of the round robin sustain samples were derived from procured, impulsive phrases.

Musical Sampling went a step further and sourced their round robin release triggers from performances developed specifically for successive note writing; capturing the information “in-between” the notes. 

In addition to these techniques, they also made it a point to non-destructively hand-tune the individual samples by ear. This results in a warmer, more natural temperament with harmonies and doublings while retaining that particular note’s intonation evolution.

Lastly, Musical Sampling opted to record the plucks at a comfortably-soft dynamic, which they felt produced the most interesting and useful tone for this release. The end result is a collection of instruments that you can essentially “guitar-chestrate” with for a variety of musical contexts both simple and intricate.


  • All sustains sourced from musical performances
  • All release triggers sourced from musical performances
  • Responsive length of “pre-pluck” material retained
  • Hand-tuned to retain natural pitch temperament
  • Attack times for all plucked instruments synchronized
  • Reverb control of custom plate impulse
  • Plucks performed softly
  • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
  • 1.6 GB compressed NCW format