Musical Sampling Trailer Strings Virtual Instrument
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Trailer Strings – Overview. Trailer Strings shares the same mantra its portly, brassy cousin follows: loud, huge, aggressive. 60-string ensemble: 18 violins, 16 violas, 14 cellos and 12 double basses recorded separately in the same concert hall as Trailer Brass. The library also incorporates a wide/centered seating arrangement to help achieve the same modern, oversized aesthetic everyone is going for.

What you get:

  • a useful array of short and long articulations, but with a size and clarity that's specifically geared towards hugantic (hugh-jan-tik), over-the-top productions.
  • as with the brass, really pushed players to give you everything they had with the triple-forte dynamic.

What you may not expect with this release is that the dynamic range is quite wide. In addition to the fortississimo dynamic, it goes all the way down to piano. Feathery spiccatos, pillowy staccatos and smooth marcatos performed a la dolce. The sustains are six dynamics deep - the softest two performed sul tasto (over the fingerboard) to get that whispered, feathery tone.

Also included is the "Adventure" patch programming for all four sections, a cool asset for on-the-fly, pompous string lines. Simply load up the basses/cellos Adventure patches, set the basses an octave down, arm both tracks and get your pomposity on.

The SFX Section 

  • Trailer Strings also offers three cluster effects patches in the basses and cellos. "Snap and Grunt" provides an arsenal of atonal pizzicatos, staccato chugs and scrapes
  • "The Brooding" includes subtle, low-range aleatoric meanderings (good for: "alligator sneaking up on prey"). "Behind the Bridge!" is exactly that, tremelo'd (good for: "alligator eats prey")

Key Features

  • Companion library to Trailer Brass
  • Recorded in a large concert hall
  • Four different sections: 18 Violins, 16 Violas, 14 Cellos, 12 Basses
  • Morph Stacking programming allows any note length to sound natural
  • Recorded in centered, wide seating arrangement across the stage
  • To Silence feature
  • Adjustable Humanization feature
  • Includes true FFF sampling
  • Sustains include true ppp sampling
  • Three microphone positions: Close, Room, Mixed
  • Includes All Strings patch
  • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit
  • 8.7 GB uncompressed (5.3 GB compressed NCW format)
  • Receive watermarked product by Continuata Connect downloader