Musical Sampling Vibe Drums Bundle Virtual Instrument
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The Vibe Drums Bundle includes a total of 24 unique mix presets that cater to a plethora of music styles, from 60’s Rock and Metal to Indie and RnB. This 23 GB collection was a real passion trifecta that started when we couldn’t find the kind of drum samples we wanted to hear and use. Our goal was to produce drum kits that were not only sonically on-point, but brimming with character.

To achieve this, every interchangeable preset was mixed and processed before the editing and programming phase. This allowed us to use every means necessary (both software and hardware) to achieve the desired mix without limiting ourselves to Kontakt’s internal processing plugins.

But of course none of this would’ve mattered if the space wasn’t up to snuff. Recorded in Hey Hey Studios in Griffin, GA; an awesome studio with a unique balance of room and vibe. We loved it so much we produced the entire drum series there. Enjoy!


  • Inspired by rock and pop mixes of the 60’s & 70’s
  • Snare and toms covered with cloth for a tight drum sound
  • 7.2 GB uncompressed NCW format


  • Geared towards rock, country and alternative
  • First of the Boutique Drums Series
  • 8.6 GB uncompressed NCW format


  • Indie-inspired, vibey, chunky and fat
  • Great for alternative, country and pop
  • 7 GB uncompressed NCW format