Oberheim OB-X8 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (8-Voice)
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Oberheim OB-X8 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (8-Voice)

It sounds like a classic Oberheim because it is a classic Oberheim. Its 100% analog audio path cuts through a mix like no other synth. The audio signal path of the OB-X8 is all analog, filled with warmth and punch. It’s the same trademark Oberheim sound that made iconic tracks like 1999 by Prince, Jump by Van Halen, and Tom Sawyer by Rush so unforgettable. And now it’s yours to enhance your own music. 

A Classic — Evolved. The OB-X8 is more than just a new OB-series Oberheim. It’s engineered to be the best modern OB ever created.  

Meticulously Matched. Creating the classic OB sound required more than just replicating vintage oscillators, filters, and envelopes. The Oberheim design team exhaustively analyzed and recreated the complex interactions between the various components of each OB-series synth to capture their nuances and character. The result is the most faithful, authoritative renewal of an analog classic possible — with all of the warmth, subtlety, and presence of the originals. 

Page 2022. OB insiders know that the myriad of “Page 2″ functions unlocked the hidden power of the original OB-8. We’ve included all of the classic Page 2 parameters and created new ones for 2022, giving you direct access to 40+ nuanced controls such as additional SEM filter modes, per-voice panning, LFO keyboard tracking, Mod delay time and envelope inversion, independent pulse width control, and much more. 

A Tactile Triumph. The unique design of the expression levers was integral to bringing out performances that made the OB-series synths famous. And for even greater expressiveness than the originals, the OB-X8 features a premium-quality Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. Dig in with both hands for sizzling filter sweeps, intense vibrato, and more. 


  • 8-voice, pure-analog polyphony with saw, square/pulse, triangle, and noise 
  • Two discrete SEM/OB-X-lineage VCOs per voice deliver classic punchy Oberheim tone 
  • Discrete SEM-lineage VCFs deliver authentic OB-X-style tone and presence 
  • Genuine Curtis filters add bold OB-Xa/OB-8 character 
  • Meticulously modeled envelope responses match each OB model: OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 
  • The 61-key FATAR velocity- and touch-sensitive keyboard allows unparalleled expression and responsiveness 
  • Bi-timbral capability allows two presets simultaneously for splits and doubles 
  • 400-plus factory programs, including the full set of factory sounds for the OB-X, OB-SX, OB-Xa, and OB-8 
  • Integral, fanless, heatsink-free power supply 
  • Real walnut end cheeks 
  • High-resolution OLED display enables patch management and easy access to advanced features 
  • Classic Oberheim Pitch and Mod levers allow expressive note bending, vibrato, and access to arpeggiator functions 
  • Weight: 32.5 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 40.5” L x 16.67” W x 5.87” H  


  • Additional SEM filter modes add high-pass, band-pass, and notch functions to the classic OB-X filter 
  • Vintage knob allows variable amounts of voice-to-voice variability to emulate the behavior of vintage instruments  
  • Velocity sensitivity adds expressiveness to volume and filter  
  • Channel Aftertouch adds real-time performance-based modulation 
  • Enhanced unison allows variable voice stacking from 1-8 voices 
  • Variable triangle wave cross-modulation 
  • Over 600 user-programmable preset locations 
  • Programmable per-program pan allows wider stereo presence 
  • Variable oscillator and noise levels 

Ins & Outs 

  • Stereo and Mono outputs 
  • Volume, Sustain, and Filter inputs 
  • Arpeggiator clock input 
  • MIDI In, Out, Thru 
  • USB