Overloud Bass Rigs Vol. 1 - TH-U Rig Library
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Bass Rigs Vol. 1 is the first TH-U Rig Library entirely dedicated to thunderous and powerful bass tones. That's right, TH-U is not just for guitar!

TH-U Does Bass! That's right! TH-U's rig player is quite versatile. In fact, Bass Rigs Vol. 1 is the first TH-U Rig Library entirely dedicated to bass. Bass Rigs Vol. 1 contains 38 rigs created from a variety of celebrated bass amplifiers:*

  • Aguilar* DB 750 Tube Bass Head (2 rigs)
  • Aguilar* DB 751 (1 rig)
  • Aguilar* Tone Hammer 500 (1 rig)
  • Ashdown* ABM 500 (2 rigs)
  • Ashdown* CTM 300 (3 rigs)
  • Ahsdown* MAG 300 EVO (3 rigs)
  • Ashdown* Toneman 300 (6 rigs)
  • Darkglass* Microtubes B7K (1 rig)
  • Darkglass* Microtubes 900 (2 rigs)
  • Darkglass* Vintage Ultra (3 rigs)
  • Noble* Tube Preamp (1 rig)
  • Portaflex* 350 (3 rigs)
  • Swr* 750x (6 rigs)
  • Trace Elliot* V-Type (4 rigs)

Each amplifier has been captured with multiple settings, different speakers, and different mic configurations to get the most thundering tones out of each setup.

EXPAND YOUR EFFECT SELECTION Bass Rigs Vol. 1 includes six effects dedicated to bass:

  • Bass Envelope (brand new effect!)
  • Octaver**
  • GEQ-LoFreq**
  • D-Reverb**
  • D-Delay**
  • CHR-2**

* Any use of third party trademarks, logos, mentioned brand names, products and services is only referential and Overloud hereby disclaims any Sponsorship, Affiliation or Endorsement of or by any such third party.

** These effects are already included in TH-U Full. However they are not included in any of the TH-U Editions (Rock, Metal, Funk and R&B) or TH-U Slate Edition. By purchasing Bass Rigs Vol. 1, you will have access to all six effects no matter what version of TH-U you own.