PreSonus SHK-2 Shock Mount for Revelator
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PreSonus SHK-2 Microphone Shock Mount

Sonic support for Revelator microphones. Get the most out of your Revelator and take your streams to the next level with the SHK-2 shock mount. A shock mount isolates your microphone from the vibrations of the physical world, such as clacking mechanical keyboards, clumsy mic handling noise, or your overly curious cat jumping up on your desk again. All of these disruptions can add unwanted rumble and noise into your broadcasts and recordings—but that’s where the SHK-2 shock mount can save the day! By isolating your Revelator from jarring movements, you’ll ensure that your Discord teammates, listening audience, and YouTube subscribers only hear the most important thing—you!

  • Isolates your Revelator from physical vibrations caused by both handling and unpredictable environmental factors, yielding cleaner audio recordings
  • Robust, industrial metal construction protects your mic from scratches while looking hot on-camera
  • Extra shock cord included
  • Custom-made fit specifically for PreSonus® Revelator compatibility