PreSonus Tom Brechtlein Drums Volume 1 (HD Multitrack Version)
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  • Compatible with Studio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (version 3.5.5. and higher)
  • 2 Impact XT preset kits
  • 320+ loops
  • 96kHz: stereo and multitrack loops, one-shot samples of the drum kit, & multi-layer Impact instrument
  • Performed by Tom Brechtlein of Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Jean-Luc Ponty, and more
  • Recorded in PreSonus’ River City Studio, built and designed by Walter Storyk Design Group
  • Fills and intros tie into loops so that the sustain of the kit rings out, saving time in editing
  • Intros keep the count-ins so that they can be placed quickly
  • Endings that don't start on the downbeat tie into the loop
  • Exclusive "Double Drums" loops allow you to mix and match multiple performances for huge, synchronized two-drummer sounds
  • File Size ≈ 5.4GB
  • Impact XT preset kits require Studio One 4 Artist or Professional

Tom Brechtlein - Tom Brechtlein is a drummer’s drummer—a seasoned vet with a versatile skill set that is evidenced by the broad array of talent that has chosen to work with him. Tom’s client list boasts names like Chick Corea, Kenny Loggins, Wayne Shorter, Jean-Luc Ponty, Christopher Cross, and Robben Ford. So when it came time for us to make a diverse drum library that could serve nearly any need of our user base, Tom was our first call. The result of Tom’s sessions? Brutal rock grooves, sludgy blues, Louisiana-worthy funk, and tasty jazz and fusion licks that will quickly make this library your secret weapon.

River City Studio - Recorded with Studio One in PreSonus’ own River City Studio, the sample library boasts beautiful acoustics of a room designed from the ground up by renowned architect and acoustician John Storyk of Walter Storyk Design Group. River City Studio has hosted such artists as Terrance Higgins, Reba McEntire Band, Royal Teeth, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Nothing More, Mutemath, Charlie Hunter, and Louisiana's own LeRoux to name a few.

The Library

The Loops - Loops include several beats, grooves, and fills from several genres at many tempos. Loops are all available in the same formats as the samples. Genres include: rock, fusion, jazz, blues, funk, and our new double drum kit loops that can be mixed and matched for endless combinations. The beats and grooves played by Tom include several of his signature techniques.  Thoughtful editing for a natural sound. Unique to this drum library, Intros and Fill patterns flow naturally into the groove, so that cymbal sustain carries over a loop start point to create a more nuanced, natural aesthetic. Other loop packs don’t do this, resulting in unnaturally abrupt cymbal and tom cutoff.

Outros that don't start on the downbeat are often tied into their groove as well, making it easier to place them in the timeline. Count-offs have also been left in many of the Intros to allow greater flexibility in creating pick-up beats without adding hours of frustration spent trying to properly place them on the right beat. 

The Kit: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

  • Kick
    • 22" x 16"
    • Batter - Remo Power Stroke 3
    • Front - Yamaha Logo'd with Port
  • Snare
    • 14" x 5.5"
    • Top - Remo White Coated Ambassador
    • Bottom - Standard
  • Tom 1
    • 10" x 12"
    • Top - Remo White Coated Emperor
    • Bottom - Clear Ambassador
  • Tom 2
    • 12" x 14"
    • Top - Remo White Coated Emperor
    • Bottom - Clear Ambassador
  • Tom 3
    • 16" x 16"
    • Top - Remo White Coated Emperor
    • Bottom - Clear Ambassador
  • Tom 4
    • 16" x 18"
    • Top - Remo White Coated Emperor
    • Bottom - Clear Ambassador
  • Ride
    • 22"
    • Sabian Jam Master - w and without rivets
  • Crash 1
    • 18"
    • Sabian HHX Extreme
  • Crash 2
    • 19"
    • Sabian HHX Extreme
  • Hi Hats
    • 15"
    • Sabian Cresent