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PSP FETpressor is a FET feedback type compressor plug-in. It’s designed to provide accurate, almost instant compression with lots of character. Great for vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and whenever a classic 1970s-style FET compressor is needed. PSP FETpressor contains everything you’d expect from a FET compressor: an internal side chain high pass filter to control amount of low frequency pumping, smoothly adjustable compression ratio, ability to select which channel to process, and a link switch. This compressor also contains a dry signal blend for parallel compression. Additionally PSP FETpressor contains makeup amplifier and output transformer emulations to add subtle character even when set to 1:1 ratio. PSP FETpressor is part of our series Zero Latency Processing plug-ins; no additional latency is critical in many situations such as live monitoring and managing automation. 

The new PSP FETpressor plug-in is ridiculously good on vocals. I've had a couple situations where the vocal level was unruly jumping around all over the place and simply tweaking the threshold on the default setting gave me a controlled vocal without the crushed sound one might have gotten with an 1176. You can crush it and yet it still remains warm and fairly transparent.  I don't think there's another plugin out there that does the job quite like the PSP FETpressor. I'm really impressed with this one.

Michael Brauerlegendary multiple Grammy winning mix engineer
Coldplay, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones ...

PSP FETpressor!  What a sound!  Love it! This is not to be confused with some invisible brick wall limiter, no way!  The sound brings back 1974, instantly! I have never auditioned a virtual (non-hardware) compressor that so closely emulated the overall tone and smoothness "with punch" of the venerable Black Face 1176. This one has the advantage of being Native. Beautiful tone, and the addition of the New York compression (parallel mix knob) is always a needed addition to the controls of any compressor/limiter. Add in the Side Chain mode and you've got it all. But, don't come to this plugin expecting invisibility, but richness and power and punch. I very much enjoy this sound, every mix needs this somewhere in the recipe, and with the NY "Mix" knob, it can sit right across the bus.  I believe this PSP compressor/limiter will become a classic, especially since it seems to mimic, 100%, its old-school sire, the sound of which (time flies!) is the original 50 year-old true classic. Highly recommended.

George Daly, American music executive, video and music producer, songwriter and musician, CEO About Records - About Songs   
The Cars, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, The Tubes, Tool ...

PSP FETpressor is another classic. I guess the best way of describing it would be powerful compression that's well suited to drum room microphones but that's equally subtle on lead and background vocals, especially when blending the mix output. With the ability to side -chain the compressed signal the FET also allows for some very creative " pumping " FX that can be easily achieved.

Steve Levine, Grammy Winning Producer
The Clash, Culture Club, Beach Boys, Motorhead, Ziggy Marley

PSP FETpressor is fantastic.  It reminds me of a hardware Urei LA3A – I just used one recently at Avatar in NYC. I’ve been comparing the PSP FETpressor with some excellent VST compressors and nothing else seems to be able to do what the PSP FETpressor can do. It sounds deep, rich, smooth, very clean, and has great control.   It can wrap the mix around the loudest elements with remarkable musicality. Quite impressive.

Alan Silverman, Arf! Mastering , New York, NY, USA