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PSP NobleQ combines the features of passive program equalizers with a wide range of frequency settings and extended functionality. To make this plug-in a versatile tool we added several modern features such as an adjustable high pass filter, and the ability to switch high peak and shelf filters to Boost or Attenuation operation.

The PSP NobleQ stands out for its warm sound, its boost and attenuation low-shelf filters and its combined peak and shelf high frequency processing. The warm and musical sound in PSP NobleQ is made possible thanks to its finest processing utilizing FAT double sampling for a natural analog-like response. We also added an output valve-like rounding algorithm with adjustable processing depth.

The low shelf filter actually combines two shelving sections: the first one allows you to boost low frequencies while the other one attenuates them but is tuned slightly higher. Together they help to get a rich bottom end without low-midrange muddiness.

The high frequency range consist of two filters – a peaking filter with adjustable band width (usually set to Boost) and a shelf filter (usually set to Attenuate). Both filters interact in such a way that the more attenuation to high frequency is applied the more selective peaking filter becomes while keeping its center frequency similarly boosted.

PSP NobleQex is an extended version of the PSP NobleQ. It offers all the features of PSP NobleQ combined with an extra middle bell filter and an adjustable low-shelf dip frequency shift.


Once again (as is common on many of their plug-ins)  PSP takes a theme and re invent for the 21st century - they add features that extend this sonic master into a new direction for example: the  tiny little knob next to the VALVE switch - never before has such an un assuming little control yielded to much VIBE try it on bass SUPERRRRB ; the shelf frequency is a must for drum over head mics - im a fan of shelf EQ especially when you need something to GLISSEN and shine in a mix -  here you can select the shelf Freq - id imagine this would be VERY costly to implement on hardware. I LOVE IT - that and vintage warmer and you set to go.

Steve Levine, Grammy Winning Producer, Chairman of The Music Producers Guild, London, UK

With the release of PSP NobleQ, I now have all the eq I need to mix anything- all within the PSP family.  PSP NobleQ is a perfect example of how PSP just gets it.  As with most of their products, NobleQ is exactly what a mixer would ask for.  Unlike those extremely annoying modeled plug ins which have the same shortcomings and flaws the original hardware has, NobleQ combines the best of both worlds.  They focus on nailing the vibe of our favorite gear while in many ways actually improving upon it without getting bogged down with trying to create an exact copy. The result is a range of tools that are uniquely PSP. I'm loving this eq and it will certainly be a major component in my mixes from now on.

CountGrammy Nominated mixer/producer
Dj Shadow, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, New Order, No Doubt, Galactic, Trombone Shorty, Zoe Keating