SKB iSeries Utility Case (Cubed Foam) - 3i-2317-14BC (Retractable Handle & Wheels) - Waterproof Injection Molded
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SKB iSeries Utility Case (Cubed Foam) - 3i-2317-14BC (Retractable Handle & Wheels) - Waterproof Injection Molded

[Gulidwater Note: This item ships directly from the manufacturer -- SKB -- in Anaheim, California. Their handling-time prior to shipment is generally about 1 to 3 business days. Please bear this in mind when ordering.]

3I Series injection molded waterproof cases are constructed of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and feature a gasketed, waterproof and airtight, submersible design (IP67) that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. Its stainless steel molded-in hinges, patented "trigger release" latch system that will accept TSA locking latches, comfortable, snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle, secure stacking, and automatic ambient pressure equalization valve (MIL-STD-648C) all contribute to its military grade design.


  • Ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin
  • UV, solvent, corrosion and fungus resistant (MIL-STD-810F)
  • Complete gasket seal makes these cases absolutely watertight (MIL-STD-C-4150J)
  • Automatic ambient pressure equalization value (MIL-STD-648C & IP67)
  • Resistant to corrosion and impact damage
  • Molded-in hinges
  • "Trigger Release" latch system
  • Accepts TSA replacement latches
  • Rubber over-molded cushion grip handle
  • Locking loops to accept a customer supplied lock
  • Convenient Pull handle with durable two inch wide wheels


Interior Length
23.00 in
58.42 cm
Interior Width
17.00 in
43.18 cm
Interior Depth
14.00 in
35.56 cm
Exterior Length
25.63 in
65.09 cm
Exterior Width
16.50 in
41.91 cm
Exterior Depth
15.63 in
39.69 cm
Carton Length
20.25 in
51.44 cm
Carton Width
16.38 in
41.59 cm
Carton Depth
27.00 in
68.58 cm
Lid Depth
2.50 in
6.35 cm
Base Depth
11.50 in
29.21 cm
Shipping Weight
28.00 lb
12.70 kg
Product Weight
24.50 lb
11.11 kg