XLN Audio Addictive Drums Session Percussion ADPAK for AD2
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Session Percussion: Exotic Percussion In Your Tracks

  • 15 exciting, exotic instruments
  • Can be played just like standard kits
  • Easily combined with other kits

Session Percussion is the perfect way to spice up any song with exotic new percussion instruments. Session Percussion is a suite of exotic percussion instruments. All pieces have been specifically selected and set up to work like a regular kit within Addictive Drums 2, allowing you to play the Session Percussion just like a standard drum kit. Use as-is or combine with other ADpaks for expanded sonic horizons.

Product Details - The Session Percussion instruments were auditioned and matched to work together as a complete kit. The classic combination of congas and timbales act as the toms, a large orchestral bass drum as the kick, and a Brazilian Caixa as a snare. Blocks, tambourine, pandeiro and hihats round out the kit. This means you can play Session Percussion just like a regular kit. Alternatively, you can play it alongside another Addictive Drums ADpak for added sonic flavors.

The included presets offer top-notch sounds that just sit in the mix and sound great. These presets cover a wide variety of music genres and production styles ranging from vintage to Latin pop/rock to Hip Hop/R&B and even modern Dancehall. If you need inspiration, we have also have the Percussion Beats MIDIpak, which includes over 200 performances by professional drummers covering styles ranging from old school funk soul to modern dancehall riddims.

Session Percussion Contains

  • 32x20" Kolberg Percussion Concert
  • 12x6" Brazilian Caixa
  • 14" Sabian AAX Stage
  • 11" Skin on Skin Conga
  • 13" Skin on Skin Conga
  • 14" LP Tito Puente Timbale
  • 15" LP Tito Puente Timbale
  • 8" Meinl Byzance Splash
  • Stacked 16" and 14" Crashes
  • 18" Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Crash
  • 22" Zildjian K Ride
  • LP Wood Block
  • LP Plastic Block
  • LP Tambourine (left-right hits)
  • Brazilian Pandeiro (can also be loaded into Kick, Snare and Hihat slots)