XLN Audio Addictive Drums Studio Rock ADPAK for AD2
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STUDIO ROCK: Instant Modern Rock Drums

  • World-class drums and studio
  • Radio-ready presets
  • Perfect for - Rock, Alternative

The Studio Rock kit delivers instant access to polished modern rock drums. There is no faster or easier way. Studio Rock is one of the original Addictive Drums kits and has been heard on so many modern rock records, we stopped counting! This ADpak gives you the same great drum sounds but with updated presets that make full use of the amazing new features in AD2.

Product Details - The Studio Rock ADpak is based around a Japan-made Tama Starclassic kit with a collection of Sabian and Paiste cymbals. Pro studios around the world use this standard combination of drums and cymbals to create a modern rock sound. The included presets provide instant access to a inspiring sounds ranging from clean and pristine to distorted and heavily processed. Use presets as-is or easily tweak them to achieve a unique sound that's exactly right for your music.

Studio Rock Contains

  • 22x18" Tama Starclassic
  • 22x16" Pearl Masterworks
  • 14x5.5" Tama Starclassic
  • 14x6.5" Pearl Signature Ferrone
  • Tama Starclassic (x3)
  • 14" Paiste Dark Crisp
  • 22" Paiste 3000
  • 18" Sabian AAX
  • 17" Sabian Vault
  • 18" Sabian HH Thin
  • 19" Sabian HHX Studio
  • 10" Sabian HHX Legacy
  • LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell